Bengals fan trolls NFL by making coin flip before announcing selection

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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By day three of the draft, the NFL has all sorts of people announcing picks, from all sorts of places.

The Bengals’ fan of the year, Phil Armein, made a fourth round pick from the podium in Kansas City.

Before announcing the selection at No. 131 (receiver Charlie Jones of Purdue), Armein produced a coin and flipped it.

It was a comment on the shenanigans in which the league engaged after the cancellation of the Week 17 game between the Bills and Bengals. Lost in the shuffle regarding a potential neutral-site AFC Championship, the Bengals ultimately would have had to flip a coin for home field with the Ravens, if Baltimore had beaten Cincinnati in Week 18, setting up a wild-card rematch.

Running back Joe Mixon produced a coin and flipped it after scoring a touchdown in that game.

The league fined Mixon. They can’t fine Armein. But they’d surely like to.

7 responses to “Bengals fan trolls NFL by making coin flip before announcing selection

  1. Forget all these different people making the selections. I don’t need to hear all the “shout outs”. Just have the commish come out, make the selection, and move on.

  2. Bravo! Helps to highlight the absurdity of that idea and the spectacle that the draft has become.

  3. The whiners won’t have to worry about it this year. Lamar has his contract so he won’t sit out the end of the season. Which means the Bungles lose that game. LOL

  4. Yeah we moved the bills on to the off-season after embarrassing them in their own house.

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