Deshaun Watson on where he fits among quarterbacks: “You can’t define my career off of six games”

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The AFC is now loaded with great quarterbacks. When most compile the list (Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Rodgers, Herbert, Lamar, Tua, Lawrence), one name is omitted.

Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, who didn’t play at all in 2021 and who missed 11 games in 2022 due to a suspension for violating the Personal Conduct Policy, has slipped far down the generally-accepted consensus of great AFC quarterbacks.

In his recent surprise appearance on a Twitter Spaces session, Watson addressed the fact that he’s currently not regarded the way he once was.

“You can’t define my career off of six games,” Watson said, referring to the games he played at the end of the 2022 season. “That’s how it be when kind of things don’t go your way and you know people have their own opinions. But like I said, I’m gonna keep a smile on my face. I’m gonna keep showing love, and none of that stuff is gonna break me, man. I am who I am and people know who I am.”

Watson was indeed a great quarterback, when he was regularly playing. In 2020, his most recent full season, the Texans didn’t win many games (due to a dearth of talent), but Watson was spectacular.

This year, with Watson having the full year to prepare and to play and with the Browns still possessing a talented roster on both sides of the ball, things could get interesting in Cleveland.

“Who knew Philly was gonna go to the Super Bowl and do what they did?” Watson said. “Nobody did. I felt like we did when we practiced against them, because they were legit. . . . So we knew they were gonna have a lot of success. But the outside world, they wasn’t talking about Philly. And it’s gonna be another team this year.”

The host of the Twitter Spaces then said this: “It’s gonna be the Browns this year, you’re right.”

“Yeah, exactly,” Watson said.

If that happens, Watson will definitely reclaim his spot on the short list of true franchise quarterbacks.

13 responses to “Deshaun Watson on where he fits among quarterbacks: “You can’t define my career off of six games”

  1. Browns fan for 4 decades. It’s all about Watson and the help he gets (KC didn’t win the SB with just Mahomes….he needed his D and special teams to make plays to win that game). If Watson balls out and Schwartz and Ventrone improve their units, I expect a deep run. Not sold on KS’s game management and AB’s middle round drafting. If they don’t make the playoffs and/or Watson looks like the last 6 games 2022, KS is GONE and Jimmy will have to find a new coach to get the most out of his prized QB.

  2. “I’m gonna keep a smile on my face and keep showing love” is that what you were saying while you were assaulting dozens of women?

  3. Sitting out a year when you were perfectly healthy as a Texan doesn’t exactly add a positive light to your resume. Gotta earn respect!!

  4. Ah, but we can define your career upon all the other entitled things you have done.

  5. “You can’t define my career off of six games,” Watson said…

    But we can define your character based on this: “Deshaun Watson has reached an agreement to settle 20 of the 24 civil lawsuits that had been filed by women who accused him of sexual assault and harassment. Watson has been accused by massage therapists of harassing, assaulting or touching them during appointments when he was playing for the Houston Texans.”

  6. His best statistical year was when the Texans went 3-13. His career is defined by looking good statistically but usually losing and not going very far in the playoffs despite having tons of talent around him.

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