Packers add Sean Clifford in fifth round

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Will Levis wound up transferring to Kentucky because he was beaten out for the starting quarterback job at Penn State, but he wound up getting drafted well before the player who beat him out.

Sean Clifford played his entire collegiate career for the Nittany Lions and he was selected by the Packers in the fifth round on Saturday afternoon. He is the first quarterback the Packers have added to the roster since trading Aaron Rodgers to the Jets and he joins Jordan Love and Danny Etling on the Green Bay depth chart.

Clifford was a four-year starter in State College and he wrapped up his time at the school by throwing for 2,822 yards, 24 touchdowns, and seven interceptions during the 2022 season.

Clifford is the 11th quarterback taken so far in the draft.

24 responses to “Packers add Sean Clifford in fifth round

  1. What an awful, awful pick. He’ll be on the street by August. A cursory glance at his best games would revel he does not have the accuracy or arm strength to make an NFL roster.

  2. Draft was going better than usual but here come the stupid coach interviews that talk over the pics

  3. Rodgers gone. Three young QBs in Green Bay. Skill position players also at the start of their careers. Only running backs are vets. Will make for a very interesting journey for the team and for Packers fans.

  4. Future Packer talking point: The guy we drafted (who’s name you don’t know) beat out Will Levis at Penn State.

  5. If any teams own any packers picks in 2024. It’s going to be a very high pick. Guaranteed.

  6. Sorry. I went to Penn State. I watch all their games. He is nowhere near a starting QB in the NFL.

  7. QB controversy, I’m here for the drama.

    Jordan Love surely will be angry if goot didn’t discuss this move beforehand.


  8. Looks like Minnesota is going to have to cut their high priced overrated veterans like Cook and Smith because nobody wants them. And yet they are starters for Minnesota. Interesting.

  9. This was the coaching staff saying ‘hey remember guys, Jordan sucks so we gotta grab a qb at some point’. Draft group ‘oh yeah, thanks, this kid has decent size, let’s pull him in’ Check. QB position solid. ‘Where’s McCarthy’s massage table, I need rub down after all that work’.

  10. As a PSU fan I can tell you this is a wasted pick. We have six (SIX!!!) years of evidence to base this on. Heck of a nice kid, though.

  11. The past couple of years Vikings fans have used every possible chance to say how bad J Love is, even though he only has one NFL start under his belt (on five days notice, no less). My laughter will be off the charts when he goes for 300 and 3 touchdowns at US Bank stadium next year.

  12. Murphy, Gutey & Lafluer. The three blind men…Lambeau & Lombardi are weeping from above. J.Love & S.Clifford… Cheddaheads are looking at a decade of eleverance. Titletown. LMAO

  13. Sad packer fan here. It’s almost like Gute woke up today and was like how can we not help our team today even though we have 8 picks? Now obviously what do we know about these 21 year old kids? The packers needed a punter, a qb I guess? (this selection was very confusing). But I’m just so tired of Gute/Murphy picking all these defensive players and the defense still sucks? At what point do you go the UDFA route or free agency? They did pick up 3 WR’s and 2 TE’s. I don’t know much about the RB but that’s a good idea because they probably can’t afford to re-sign Dillon next year. But their track record is really bad. How do you not draft JSN at #13? I was a 49er fan as a kid – maybe I start paying more attention to them?

  14. austinspencer says:
    Sorry. I went to Penn State. I watch all their games. He is nowhere near a starting QB in the NFL.
    Guess what,… they weren’t looking for a starter. He’s competing for the back up spot. And the scouts thought highly enough of him that he had a scheduled visit to GB and they love him. He went in the 5th because there was a run on QB’s in the 5th. GB had their eye on him.

  15. Hilarious, Wasted draft pick. Have to think they could have signed him after the draft as a free agent.

  16. This is our time to talk smack as Viking fans. We sure can’t do it at the end of the season . . . for 60+ years!

  17. He would already be a starting caliber QB in Minnesota. Certainly better than the checkdown choker.

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