Eric DeCosta addresses criticism that Ravens grossly overpaid OBJ


It wasn’t asked at the Odell Beckham Jr. introductory press conference. It might not be asked when the powers-that-be convene later today for the press conference regarding the new Lamar Jackson deal.

The question was posted to Ravens G.M. Eric DeCosta on Wednesday. What does he say to those who say the Ravens grossly overpaid Beckham ($15 million guaranteed on a one-year deal), in relation to what else was out there for him?

“I think a lot of factors go into whatever you decide to pay a player,” DeCosta said on #PFTPM. “I mean, we look at it from a lot of different lenses. You know, one-year deal. Obviously, we paid a lot of money to him. We think we’re gonna get that benefit from him as a player.

“But we’re looking at a lot of other things too. We’re looking at potentially what he might get as a [compensatory] pick the following year, on a one-year deal, has a good year for us, hits the market next year, what’s that gonna look like? We were looking at things like the benefit to the community, the benefit in ticket sales, jersey sales. How’s he gonna play? What’s he gonna do for our offense? What do our coaches think about him? Remember, [offensive coordinator] Todd Monken had a relationship with him, so we had some information about OBJ.

“And then how’s it going to affect Lamar as a passer, you know? How’s he going to play? We want to maximize Lamar’s ability. I’ve probably done a poor job at doing that over the last couple of years in some ways by not having more receivers around him. And we love the guys we have, but you know, in terms of building the best possible offense, that’s a factor, too. So, you know, every situation has residual values associated, every player that you bring in is different and they affect things differently: leadership, ability, community, whatever that might be long term and we see OBJ as a big part of that whole thing.”

DeCosta also addressed the question of whether adding OBJ broke the ice on a Lamar Jackson deal.

“Well, I don’t think it hurt,” DeCosta said. “I think Lamar was probably happy. I mean, I think his social media posts indicated that he was happy about the OBJ signing, but for us, you know, it was more about building out the receiver room as best as possible not necessarily as an olive branch to Lamar Jackson but building the best team we could at the time.”

Something broke the ice, because Lamar has now officially signed a new, five-year deal to stay with the Ravens. For at least the first year, Beckham will be his teammate.

18 responses to “Eric DeCosta addresses criticism that Ravens grossly overpaid OBJ

  1. That was actually a very honest transparent answer.
    Rarely here GMs talk like that.

  2. Yeah congratulations on the 2 worst deals of the off season. That team hasn`t been the same since DeCosta took of for Ozzie Newsome.

  3. Between this and Patrick Queen and the Lamar thing, it’s clearly desperation from DeCosta. It’s been happening for a while now and the media just somehow ignores them. I’ve never quite understood why that franchise gets a free pass or is seen as some special team.

    Then, I look at who drafted the most All Pros the last 20 years and it’s Bill Belichick.

    We live in a very strange world where the media and some people will try to create an alternate “truth” and some people believe it and recycle the info.

  4. DeCosta isn’t listing reasons to pay OBJ that ridiculous amount, he’s listing the things they tell themselves to try to justify it. The fact remains that it was an astronomical overpay from a desperate organization trying to appease a player holding them hostage who will never take them to the next level.

  5. The ONLY person who DOESN’T think the Ravens grossly overpaid OBJ is… Eric DeCosta!!

  6. I love how he cites all the financial benefits prior to contemplating OBJ’s on-the-field impact. He paid OBJ to sell tickets and jerseys.

  7. One year deals aren’t so bad. It just comes down to how many players you might want to keep but can’t afford for one year. For example if you can’t keep one of your starters it is significant but if you just lose some overall depth on your team you can manage it.

  8. The benefit to the community?!?! Look at his antics on that airplane and you’ll see how much he cares for the community. Spare us.

  9. OBJ Will have to Play Extensively and Play Awfully Well to “earn his keep”, but to claim ANY player is OVERPAID before they even play 1 Snap is ABSURD.

  10. Top 5 GM and it’s not even close. You may as well use all the cap you have. One year deal does nothing, worst case he sucks and you’ve lost nothing because he’s off the books. Meanwhile you can be the Bungles, sign Collins for a big money deal who is a turnstile injured RT and you’re stuck for four years.

  11. DeCosta is grossly overrated as a GM. Ravens have been on the downward spiral since he took over.

  12. The Ravens also grossly overpaid Roquan Smith after giving up a high draft pick. Setting the market for an off-ball LB who doesn’t make impact plays is almost as bad as over paying OBJ.

  13. He bought a draft pick with this signing. I’m guessing if they paid him $5M they wouldn’t get a third or fourth round comp pick when he leaves next year. That ridiculously high amount alters the comp pick formula and likely gets them a higher pick after he’s gone. The Ravens have been the most successful team at playing the comp pick game so pay attention when you see anomalous transactions coming from that org.

  14. He can’t say that WRs won’t willingly come or stay there to be decoys. So he has to overpay. Simple. Why bother asking? We all know.

  15. “What does he say to those who say the Ravens grossly overpaid Beckham ($15 million guaranteed on a one-year deal), in relation to what else was out there for him?”

    Didn’t you mean to phrase this question as, “What does he say to someone like myself who says the Ravens grossly overpaid Beckham?”

  16. DeCosta is an idiot for signing him to such a rich 1 yr deal, he will start off on fire then after 3-4 games will sizzle out or be hurt. 15M for compensatory draft pick, maybe a 2nd rounder at best, come on what BS.

    They did this to make Lamar happy and for some reason maybe cause DeCosta is on the clock it seems like they have win now mentality? Maybe because they dont think Lamar will be healthy for very long or cause DeCosta will be fired after another year of either missing the playoff’s or 1 and done. No matte how he tries to spin it, it was a desperation move. No other team was near 15M so what was the logic behind that number?

    Then he looks more like a fool by talking about his impact on the community? Tell me 1 team he played for where he was an impact on the community, other than the club scene. Has he ever been up for man of the year? Jersey sales, if that is a new metric on what to pay a player then we ahve hit a new low. Ticket sales, maybe for the 1st few games, but i dont rememberseeing too many empty seats at Ravens games so thats bs as well.

  17. The Ravens overpaid OBJ and Roquan Smith.

    Lamar Jackson got around what you would expect.
    Let say he is over paid $4 million per year. That not a big deal.
    Its the most important position.

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