Father of Mine is now available on Kindle Unlimited

Anthony Zych

There’s now a way that you can read Father of Mine without spending a single penny.

Father of Mine has been enrolled in the KDP Select program on Amazon, which puts it within the universe of Kindle Unlimited options.

Which means that you can read it for free. Sort of.

If you already have Kindle Unlimited, it’s among more than three million book options. You also can read it for free as part of a free 30-day trial with Kindle Unlimited.

There’s a nice little life hack. Sign up for Kindle Unlimited. Read Father of Mine. Cancel Kindle Unlimited.

Ultimate cost: Zero dollars, zero cents.

I can’t give you a better deal than free. You can still buy the ebook for $4.99, or the paperback for $13.97.

Or you can try it on Kindle Unlimited, at no cost. No risk. Significant potential reward.

You already come here on a regular basis, so you apparently don’t hate the writing. Which means there’s a good chance you’ll like the book — especially if you enjoy mob tales.

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