Quenton Nelson: What Anthony Richardson can do on the field is pretty extraordinary

NFL: APR 27 2023 Draft
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Three-time first-team All-Pro Quenton Nelson has blocked for a variety of different quarterbacks in his first five seasons with the Colts.

But Indianapolis has moved to bring some consistency behind center by drafting Anthony Richardson last week.

While Nelson hasn’t yet met Richardson in person, he noted on Wednesday just how impressed he’s been with the quarterback’s college performance.

“Yeah, really excited,” Nelson said in his Wednesday press conference. “Just heard great things about him, and his character, and person he is. And then seeing his film, you see what can do on the field is pretty extraordinary. He dominated the combine and did really well in college football this year.”

With Richardson being that dual threat, Nelson acknowledged that the Colts could have some more designed runs in their offense.

That tracks with what Richardson has said about Indianapolis potentially crafting an offense similar to what head coach Shane Steichen ran as Philadelphia’s offensive coordinator with quarterback Jalen Hurts.

But that will hinge on Nelson and the rest of the Colts’ offensive line bouncing back in a significant way after a poor 2022 under former head coach Frank Reich and interim coach Jeff Saturday.

7 responses to “Quenton Nelson: What Anthony Richardson can do on the field is pretty extraordinary

  1. What the Titans did with Steve McNair back in the day should be the blueprint for Richardson. If they try to rush him on the field, this will fail spectacularly. However, if they do it right, he could be a very good player just like McNair became. The 49ers should have done this with Lance as well, but they couldn’t wait due to how much they traded for him. You can teach concepts and how to play the position, but it takes time. You can’t teach the natural ability.

  2. At best Richardson will be Taysom Hill…Look at his stats from his whole 13 games at Florida. Colts are in for years of mediocrity.

  3. I’m kind of surprised on all of the drooling over this guy’s talent. People are acting like he just started playing QB yesterday. He was at Florida for 3 years and has played in 24 games but has a career 54.7 completion percentage and it actually went down in his last year to 53.8%. If he wasn’t able to dominate at QB at the college level, how is he going to do it in the NFL. They say a QB’s completion percentage from college usually drops his first couple of years in the NFL so are if Richardson follows form, his completion percentage could actually drop below 50%. Anything below 65% in the NFL is substandard, so how do these people think a guy that can’t hit 55% in college is suddenly going to improve his accuracy by at least 20%?

  4. Hope Springs Eternal! Big risk might be a big reward but I’m glad he’s the Colts to see what he can become.

  5. So he didn’t watch ALL the film? Just the highlights. Because if he saw all the film, his response would be closer to “YIKES”.

  6. Biggest gamble in the draft. Teams shouldn’t draft projects in the top 5 of the NFL draft. This reminds me of the JaMarcus Russell pick by the Raiders @ #1 overall in that draft. All the “experts” were wowed by Russell’s arm strength & ignored everything else. Perceived Potential should never outweigh actual production.

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