Cam Newton wonders whether his hair length has contributed to his unemployment

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Sometimes, the road from anger to denial to bargaining to depression to acceptance is a long one.

Former NFL quarterback Cam Newton, in a recent appearance on Josina Anderson’s Undefined podcast, suggested that his ongoing NFL employment could be related to the length of his hair.

It’s been hinted,” Newton said. “And I’m not changing. People have hinted to where they say like, ‘Cam, we want you to go back to the 2015 clean-cut Cam.’ But, that was a different me.” The thing that is always mentioned is, ‘Cam, you’re scaring people with how you look.'”

After saying he wasn’t going to name names, Newton pointed out that Trevor Lawrence also has long hair.

Newton’s hair length has nothing to do with his current status. No one cares about hair length. They care about winning. They care about crafting a roster conducive to winning.

Newton’s prospects are far more hampered by his ongoing insistence that he should be a starter, a stance he softened not long ago with a specific list of quarterbacks for whom he’d be willing to serve as a backup.

Cam also said that he has heard from some teams, and that he was told they’d evaluate the situation after the draft. He said the teams from which he heard were in the AFC.

He’s still good enough to be on a roster. But he refuses to fully embrace what it means to be a backup, especially when he has a big, outsized personality that would undermine many starting quarterbacks.

He’s not the first former starter to struggle to come to terms with the fact that he’s no longer good enough to be a QB1. He’s also not the first one to grasp at straws to explain his current predicament.

And so the wait continues. He said there’s no deadline regarding how long he’ll wait.

“I don’t think I’ll ever retire,” Newton said.

For now, though, there’s nothing to retire from.

164 responses to “Cam Newton wonders whether his hair length has contributed to his unemployment

  1. He can no longer sling it around. He doesn’t have the wheels he used to have under him. He doesn’t have the size to bowl lighter players over anymore. He still has all the confidence and swagger, but his body can’t back it up. The hairdo has nothing to do with it.

  2. I don’t think the league would care if he had a turd on his head if he was playing in MVP form, but the ship has just sailed for this poor guy. Von Miller broke him.

  3. Dude has been washed for 5 years. Nobody wants to deal with your crap when you’re no longer elite.

  4. The fact that you can only throw short, massively inaccurate, passes has far more to do with your unemployment than your style choices. However, your style choices are also atrocious

  5. Your appearance is important. The way you dress, act, carry yourself, what you say, etc. As the QB, you are the face of the franchise. The CEO. You need to play the part and look the part. Facts don’t care about your feelings Cam.

  6. This is exactly the reason he was cut from NE. If he was willing to be a backup and kept his mouth shut, he would still be on the roster

  7. The QB position is mostly mental. Cam Newton is at the opposite extreme of what you’re looking for, and he’s making jokes about it. He’s a clown. Who wants a clown running their team? If the clown was a good QB, I’m sure he’d be considered, but this clown is also a terrible QB. A QB also has to be a leader. This guy is at the opposite extreme of what you want in a leader. Would you want your other 52 players following this guy’s lead? I doubt he could get a job at Walmart.

  8. FACTS: Cam Lost his last Eight Starts and did not throw a TD in his last four games.

    That’s horrid.

  9. NFL network showed 1998 Vikings vs Packers today. Brad Johnson was the starter and got hurt. Randall Cunningham who was selling cabinetry the 2 prior years out of the NFL got his shot and made a great run. 15 and 1 season could have been in the Super Bowl instead of the Falcons if it wasn’t for a missed field goal in the NFC championship game. Cam Newton needs to go that route and maybe something good might happen and give him another shot to make a run.

  10. Cam is simply not a good player or worth the headache caused by his delusion.

  11. So if he were to shave his head and then we all saw that he still sucked, would that get him to keep his mouth closed?

    A: No. There’s always something else with certain types of people.

  12. A winning QB should have the following characteristics: moody, sullen, aloof, and mercurial with a hint of standoffishness. Utter lack of humility, accountability, and self-awareness would be nice, but not a ‘must-have’. In other words, Cam is right – it’s a travesty he’s not a starter right now.

  13. When all else fails, play the race card. Must be nice to have that privilege. Lamar Jackson has long hair and he has the biggest contract in NFL history. What other excuses will he use.

  14. A conversation about quarterback hair length and willingness to support your team as a backup. Cam should lookup ‘Clipboard Jesus’ and revel in such wonder.. Also, if he’s wanting to be Lawrence, Cam could try wearing belly shirt jerseys like Lawrence used to.

  15. Loved Cam and there is definitely some bias in everything including the NFL but half the players in the league have dreads. Lamar Jackson has long hair and just signed a huge contract. That Shot in Pittsburgh from Watt killed his arm and career. Always knew the Panthers shotty offensive line would do him in someday.

  16. How about your odd behavior and your questionable attire and hair styles.

  17. Cam acts like he has just one less concussion than Antonio Brown.

    It’s not that he can’t play well enough to be a backup; he’s just such a goof, an oddball, that no one wants in their locker room, being disruptive, grasping for attention, and having a negative effect on young players.

  18. Cam, time to hang it up on the Football career. Time to start that laptop business you have always wanted.

  19. It’s actually a little known NFL fact. Head coaches choose QBs based on haircuts. Thank you, Cam. This situation needed a whistleblower.

  20. There are many fits for Newton to be a backup. Notably, I think Indy would be wise to boot Minshew and align QB1/QB2 skill sets so the entire offense doesn’t change for an injury, etc.

    If I was Indy, I don’t know that I could pull the trigger though. I’d fear Cam teaches more bad than good to Richardson. Cam seems divorced from reality and possibly toxic.

  21. Could it be possible that your failure to dive after your fumble in the Super Bowl has something to do with it?

  22. No it’s not the hair, it’s the inability to do quarterback things like throw accurately.

  23. He’s not good enough to play in the XFL. And he’s also a delusional moron.

  24. It’s not your hair Cam, it’s all the GM’s hair, no hair in their eyes to cover all your horrid QBing you’ve done the last few seasons.

  25. So Cam doesn’t get a chance because he is not so good, but Kap does not get hired because, wait, why is Kap not a starter for a needy team?

  26. CAM, your hair length???…Really???…Let me get this straight, your hair is the reason, you’re inaccurate, make poor decisions on the field and bad in the locker room…OL

  27. So his hair has been getting in his eyes causing him to throw 10 yard grounders?

  28. I’m gonna laugh at this article in the sound of Jeff George’s mullet, Dan Marino’s 80’s curls, Colin Kaepernick’s afro, Aaron Rodgers pony tail, and Lamar Jackson’s dreadlocks…… wow lol

  29. Good grief, what a bunch of hateful Boomers. You people act like he killed your dog and grandmother on the same day.

  30. He says this right after Lamar Jackson signs his enormous contract.

    Not the hair.

  31. Last time I checked, hair length has nothing to do with falling on a football in THE most important game of your life.

  32. Maybe he’s a reverse Sampson and when he cuts his hair he will start reading defenses and throw accurately.

  33. Wonder no more Cam. It isn’t the reason. If bad hair kept good QBs out of the league Trevor Lawrence would have gone undrafted and unsigned.

  34. What a bum. Yeah it’s the hair Cam. Certainly isn’t your lack of skill and 5he fact you’ve gotten older and slower. None of that. It’s the hair.

  35. C’mon bro it’s 2023 pretty much anything flies. It’s not your hair it’s you.

  36. Terrific player that somehow became a clown in his later years. You know why people care about your hair and your dress? Because they scream LOOK AT ME!!!! Trevor Lawrence is a humble, quiet kid. Newton is a clown.

  37. Hasn’t been the same since Denver exposed him in SB during his MVP year…Come to think of it Denver hasn’t done much since then either but that’s for another thread.

  38. The Lions are focused on getting weapons. Jarrod doesn’t have to be in there within the ten yard line, put Cam in there with our offensive line and the rb’s behind him and he could create a career being a goal line QB/Backup. Would be perfect for the Lions right now if he could accept that role at the price.

  39. It is rare that this happens.. But Florio, I completely agree with you.

  40. just can’t get that visual out of my head – only player ever to shrink back and shy away from a fumbled football…dude!

  41. So are we just going to gloss over the fact that this guy stinks!?

  42. What? There are lots of guys in the NFL with long hair. Cam is in denial about his diminished skill set. He was a really good QB once,but age caught up to him. He needs to accept it.

  43. Cam reminds me of a Far Side Calendar, the one where the guy is trying to push the door open to get inside when it says pull at the handle

  44. Why is it so glaringly obvious with Cam yet it couldn’t possibly be the same thing with Kaep?

  45. Cam is that guy who’s used the race card so often nobody even cares

  46. I have no clue how Bill Belichick dealt with this child for an entire year!

  47. He needed an easy target to knock down, that’s all this amounts to.

  48. Randall still had a bazooka arm even after the wheels fell off. It’s not a comparable situation.

  49. I thought Aaron Rodgers looked like a bum throughout his entire 2021 season – scraggly beard, hair like some 1960s counter-culture hippie. But he also won MVP and we won 13 games. So who cares? Winning matters. Not hair, Cam.

  50. Wonder if Cams hair was also to blame for him not diving in that fumble in the Super Bowl? Oooof!

  51. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it has something to do with the fact that he went 0-5 and threw 4 TDs and 5 INTs in his last season. That’s and the fact his last decent season was in 2018 and it wasn’t anything special.

  52. What a clown this guy is. He could have a bowl cut and the owners wouldn’t care if he could win. He’s washed. Maybe fall on the fumble in the Super Bowl and show you’re a competitor. Poser.

  53. Lamar still managed a deal with that ridiculous haircut.

    Doubt it’s the hair..

  54. When someone is being cheated on, they are usually the last person to know about it. Cam is the guy who refuses to believe what everyone is telling him that it’s over and needs to move on with someone new.

  55. With the first pick in the 2023 NFL DRAFT the …………. Select the guy with the short hair !

  56. That’s a easy yes especially in this society today wheres so many are still stuck in the past and they think they’re honoring their ancestors way of life

  57. Pat Mahomes could wear one of those rainbow clown wigs and 32 teams would line up to shovel cash at him. Try again, Cam.

  58. I seriously dislike Peyton Manning. But I’m still happy the Broncos won. lets ride…??

  59. Just go away Cam. I can guarantee you that you will never play in the NFL again. You are a has/been and are delusional in your thinking. But ho shave your head anyway .. let’s see what happens..

  60. With the Patriots he was respectful and a great interview. He just couldn’t throw all that well and that’s what matters.

  61. He’s at the point where he needs to say outlandish comments to stay in the media. If you actually heard teams ask you to cut your hair, then get a haircut. Maybe also cut the attitude and learn to be a better passer, your speed isn’t coming back. Dude needs to look in the mirror and stop blaming others. Nobody cares about your hair if your throwing 5000 yards and 40 td

  62. I want people to pay me millions of dollars, but they aren’t because of the length of my hair. But I’m not changing. I am very smart.

  63. And the votes are in for MVP. Cam Newton has (once again) won “Most Vain Player” in NFL history!

  64. Despite your great talent, you’re an interruption. A distraction. No one wants that. And now? Take a number.

  65. As soon as he mentioned Trevor Lawrence in comparison he went where we all knew he would eventually go….race card played.

  66. Sad and pathetic reaching for straws now. I used to really love the dude before he didnt try and recover the fumble. Give it up Cam youre done washed beyond even a backup role.

  67. He may not file his retirement paperwork with the League, but he’s retired.

  68. I think the braids are to tight and they are cutting off circulation to his brain

  69. He’s performances in New England and the Carolina, is the reason he’s unemployed!

  70. lol. this is funny..dudes in the nfl have killed and raped people..and theyre still in the nfl..lmao

  71. Hey he’s onto something.
    Kind of like a reverse Samson.
    He would be starting if only he cut his hair.
    Age and injury and lack of performance have nothing to do with it, right?

  72. If he’d embrace a Taysom Hill type of role, he could play 5 more years. By embrace, I mean come out and say that’s what you want to be, not half way, not acting as if you should be the starter but you’re taking one for the team. But, his ego won’t allow it, it seems.

  73. Just because he looks and acts like a clown, doesn’t contribute to his unemployment. If he was still good at playing football, that could be overlooked. The diminished skills, lack of effort, and zero respect he commands in the locker room is what contributes to not being employed by the NFL. Scam Newton’s done. Time for the next venture in his life. There’s always barber college.

  74. I guess it’s a good thing that DeShaun Watson doesn’t have long hair, or he would have been finished in the NFL after his shenanigans.

  75. Newton said. “And I’m not changing. People have hinted to where they say like, ‘Cam, we want you to go back to the 2015 clean-cut Cam.’ But, that was a different me.” The thing that is always mentioned is, ‘Cam, you’re scaring people with how you look.’”


    First of all I don’t believe this for a second. But, even if I were to concede his point, then that means what he’s saying is his haircut of choice is more important than playing QB.

    I’d sport a hot pink mowhawk if it would get me a spot on an NFL roster.

  76. psubeerman21 says:
    May 5, 2023 at 8:48 pm
    Whatever gets you a good night sleep.

    Speaking as someone who’s had long, out of control hair, yeah it doesn’t get you good night’s sleep either. Waking up with neck pain sure, good sleep not so much.

  77. Dude worries more about how he looks at post game press conference than how he looks on the field. Move on, he’s done, stop talking about him

  78. This is funnier for what Cam exposes… y’all know if he kneeled instead all you sheep would be right behind him.

  79. If he said he was discriminated against because he was transgender, I’d buy it. But not the hair..

  80. I’m pretty sure Mahomes, Manning and Brady could have Cam Newton’s hairstyle and still be employed as QB in the nfl

  81. He just needs to embrace his new life as a podcaster and Tik-Toker. Note: I have no idea if Newton is on TikTok but he seems like the type of clown who would be in his 30’s and do those silly dances.

  82. This is just a small sample of how some people view the world and how they think it works. It’s always someone else keeping you down.
    Actually it’s just economics.
    Demand for you is not very high. And the supply is of better quality than what you have to offer.
    That’s it

  83. No matter how good you are, you can’t talk the ball down the field…

  84. Always with the excuses. Never able to look in the mirror and see the actual problem. Typical

  85. Hundreds of NFL players have dreads. It’s not the hair. You’re just not any good anymore.

    If you want to play for short money and be a backup. there is a place in the league for you. Buy your ego won’t allow that….

  86. Losing your skills and an unwillingness to fall on a fumble is the look that teams don’t like.

  87. You think your hair scares GM’s away??

    Multiple ACTIVE sexual assault cases didn’t scare teams away from DW.

  88. Cam comes across, to me at least, as someone who thinks he’s owed something and bitter that he doesn’t have it.

  89. As a Panthers fan since inception I can tell u it has nothing to do with his hair. That’s comical. He has said some pretty dumb things in the past but this one may be the dumbest. There are plenty of players with dreads in the league. The decline was seen year after year. For him to say that is comical.
    I’ll take him all day long on 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1. Outside that, no thank u.
    I suppose whatever helps him sleep at night.

  90. As long as you can play and win….teams and fans will accommodate anything.
    So what’s that telling you?

  91. Cam could be bald, or Cam could have pink (pick any color) that reaches the floor, and as long as he could fill seats, fill parking spaces, fill concession lines, it would not and does not matter a lick what type of hair Cam has. Cam has been raised, has been encouraged, has been coddled, has been enabled by so many (many of you reading this), to see life as if he’s a perpetual victim. In reality, Cam, the alleged victim, has made more money from football than 99.99% of human beings will ever make in their entire lives and has been treated to a lifestyle and adulation that 99.99% can’t even contemplate . Cam is simply not a good a quarterback any longer.

  92. Uh-huh, that’s why Kaepernick can’t get a job either. Yet notice the hypocrisy of floor e oh. Kap can’t win either, yet he rallied for him for years, playing that lame card.

  93. Newton was a terror for defenses all the way up to his MVP season. It’s been an eternity in NFL terms, since Cam has been able to capably lead a team. Couple that with the fact that he’s kind of an odd dude and you get the situation he’s in now. There’s lots of backup level guys out there who will hold a clipboard and be seen and not heard,so to speak.

  94. Obviously the hair IS an issue. It’s restricting blood flow to his brain and he can’t think straight anymore.

  95. I rode the bench for two years. Thought I wasn’t being played because of my color, I got filled up with a lotta attitude. So I quit. Still not a week goes by I don’t regret it. And I guarantee a week won’t go by in your life you won’t regret walking out, letting them get the best of ya. You hear me clear enough?

    Cam doesn’t hear you.

  96. His “business decision” in the Super Bowl probably has more relevance than his hair length to any GM’s business decision to acquire him.

  97. No Cam, as a Pats fan I’d say it was your terrible arm that could not even throw an accurate ten yard out.

  98. He’s probably right. Pretty sure my hair is why supermodels are intimidated by me, why I wasn’t chosen for a moon mission, and why I’ve been blackballed by every franchise in every major sport. I mean the use those lame PC excuses like “You’re a middle-aged guy who runs a 6.3 40”, or from hockey teams I get the lame “You don’t even know how to ice skate” excuse. But we all know that’s just code for it being all about my hair.

  99. Bro couldn’t even be a QB1 in whatever spring leagues are playing guys like Paxton Lynch and AJ McCarron. But, yeah… blame the ‘do while Lamar Jackson out there looking like he’s running the corners of West Baltimore on Tuesdays while getting record pay.

  100. He played this card already before he was washed up as a starting NFL QB. Back when he said he was “Superman” Cam he ran around puffing out his chest in the media talking about “defenses and the NFL has never seen anyone like me” and “They fear me…a blck quarteback”. Then all it took was Cam not diving on a fumble in the superbowl, then that was Cam’s career, poof, his championship window closed right then right there. Now that his skills have diminished way below mediocre QB at best, he has to pull a Kaepernick without having to go full blown pig socks. Cam was a really good player at one time, but now he’s just a really weird dude that acts like a passive aggressive racist Uncle Rico wannabe.

  101. Cam’s “edge” has always been his legs. His arm cannot make up for his loss of mobility.

  102. There’s an easy answer to this dilemma. Toss a football at his feet in an important game and see if he goes after it. If he does, maybe someone would want him.

  103. Who would have thought that coming out in the same draft that Andy Dalton would have a longer career than Cam. Andy is not flashy, moody, or narcissistic. In all accounts he’s a good guy, great locker room guy, and doesn’t talk about himself constantly. Andy is also an average QB that goes about his business in a professional way. After all these years Cam can learn a lot from Andy.

  104. Lamar Jackson has terrible hair and he just made bank. Should have dove on the fumble in the Superbowl instead of just standing there.

  105. If he would shut his Mouth, hire a QB coach, work out HARD! and look and act like a professional, he would be on a roster in a minute.

  106. It’s not what’s on top of his head but what’s between his ears that’s keeping him from the NFL

  107. Maybe he is on to something? A few years ago Trevor Lawrence slid all the way down to 1st overall because of his long hair.

  108. Come on back !!! I’ll drill holes in the helmet so the hair can stick out!!! You would be the rage in sports Vogue!!!

  109. I loved it when Cam signed with the Patriots after Brady left. I thought at minimum he would be the perfect stop gap for whomever the next generation Patriots QB would be. I thought he would maybe get them to the playoffs. I knew he had lost his arm a bit, but thought he would have been well-rested and would be maybe 80% of what he was in his MVP year.

    I was wrong. He certainly could still run the ball at the goal line, but his arm was pretty bad. He couldn’t throw at NFL velocity without a huge wind up, and the deep ball was gone. He also seemingly had no touch on short passes which made James White kind of a useless weapon and he didn’t feel pressure coming from the blind side at all. Not sure if those things were always a problem that he coved up with scrambling ability, but they were obviously a problem in NE.

    If he could play the way he used to he would be starting in NE right now.

    It certainly had nothing to do with his hair in NE. His sense of style was welcomed and he was a great team player in NE.

  110. The day he learns to complete the forward pass, he will start somewhere. but…that aint happening.

  111. You’ve identified the (potential) problem

    Seems like there is a rather easy solution…..

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