Chris Ballard didn’t want Anthony Richardson to become a superstar somewhere else

2023 NFL Draft Red Carpet
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As the first round of the 2023 draft approached, we addressed the question of how high Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson would go. There was an easy case to be made that Richardson should go higher than anyone would have envisioned, given his incredibly rare physical skills and true game-changing, franchise-quarterback potential.

The Colts and G.M. Chris Ballard saw it that way, pouncing on the chance to get Richardson at No. 4.

“I didn’t want to look up and watch him be a superstar somewhere else,” Ballard said in an in-house documentary regarding the 2023 draft. “If he’s gonna be a superstar, he’s gonna be a superstar for the Colts.”

Ballard said something similar to Peter King after the choice was made.

“I would rather take the risk, the risk that he might fail, than pass on him and see him become a star somewhere else,” Ballard said in this week’s Football Morning in America column.

That’s the right mindset. It takes courage and conviction. It takes a willingness to make a conscious and deliberate roll of the dice, especially if a team believes the dice might be loaded in its favor.

The Colts believe they have it with Richardson. They were willing to take the chance that it won’t work for them and for Richardson, because they didn’t want to watch Richardson become everything he can be in some other NFL city.

It might have been Seattle or Detroit or Atlanta or Nashville. We’ll never know how it might have been because the Colts preferred not to find out.

The next question becomes whether the teams that passed on Richardson will end up experiencing the regret that Ballard was determined to avoid.

15 responses to “Chris Ballard didn’t want Anthony Richardson to become a superstar somewhere else

  1. The Colts are talking like they got the next Mahomes/Burrow, and I hope they are right, (not a Colts fan but love seeing fantastic new athletes), but man, they are sure taking this young man up. I wouldn’t want the added unnecessary pressure going into my rookie season.

  2. As long as he’s not as bad as Mac Jones, it should be considered a win

  3. Fear of missing out? Good draft strategy… Not! Colts will be hiring a new GM next offseason.

  4. NFL QB is the most difficult, nuanced risky position in the sporting world. So, according to Ballard, he selected a guy who started 13 games in college, had a miserable completion rate but can run like the dickens. That much of a risk all because he’s a long shot to breakout on another team. That is very bad value. Awful logic and we’re probably looking at the biggest bust since Jamarcus Russell

  5. It’s always a crapshoot so who knows but the odds favor those words not aging well at all.

  6. You have to take risks, and going for a big upside usually means passing on some safer bets. That is life.

  7. Ballard seat is hotter than the sun. Boom or bust was the only way. Boom and he saves his job and becomes a hero. Bust, well he’s already one foot out the door.

  8. I’m not sure if Richardson will be set up for success or not. He definitely has the tools. If he’s coached up and actually given time to adjust to the NFL he could be good.
    If the colts are bad and he’s starting by week 4 it probably won’t end well.
    He’s a bit of an underdog right now, so I’ll root for him to do well

  9. Ballard is one of the worst GMs in football. He tossed picks twice to rent cooked QBs at 35 mil per.

    Now he has drafted Lamar Jackson part 2. lol


  10. Carolina, Texans & Colts will all regret not taking QB Will Levis so it’s it’s a moot point when the 4th QB drafted was the best QB in the draft.
    It’s not close. It’s a ll talk now so bookmark this story/comment and revisit it in 3 years when the talk will be how QB Will Levis is due his massive contract extension …Bank on it.

  11. All the QBs in this draft were flawed. You is Russ but smaller and less mobile, Stroud was the safest but his ceiling is pretty good, Levis has all the risk of Richardson but half of the upside. Probably a backup. Irsay probably made him take a QB I think Richardson is the best choice.

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