Kelvin Beachum on relationship with Kyler Murray: There is no big deal, no hard feelings

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Days away from hitting the free agent market, Cardinals offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum had a pointed evaluation of Kyler Murray. Beachum said the star quarterback “needs to grow up a little bit,” which raised eyebrows considering the source.

Beachum ended up re-signing with the Cardinals and will block for Murray again whenever the quarterback returns from rehabbing a torn ACL.

Beachum told NFL Media on Friday that there is no awkwardness and no animosity between he and his quarterback.

There is no big deal,” Beachum said. “I think we’re grown men in an NFL locker room. I don’t think there’s any hard feelings that comes from this. I would expect that he would hold me accountable if I wasn’t doing my job. So, I think it’s grown men that have to have grown-men conversations. That’s part of this game; that’s part of playing in the National Football League.”

The Cardinals have a new coach, a new General Manager and appear headed toward a rebuild. With Murray out at least part of the season — and receiver DeAndre Hopkins and safety Budda Baker possibly on their way out — the Cardinals have a chance to contend for the No. 1 overall pick. That would make for an interesting decision for the organization with USC quarterback Caleb Williams expected to the top prospect in the 2024 draft.

Murray, 25, has a 25-31-1 record in the regular season and has only one playoff appearance in four seasons. He had the worst performance of his career in his only playoff game, a 34-11 loss to the Rams.

The Cardinals surely expected more by now after using the No. 1 overall pick on him in 2019.

12 responses to “Kelvin Beachum on relationship with Kyler Murray: There is no big deal, no hard feelings

  1. When your teammate who is your OT, with whom you work day in and day out with and is around d you a lot says you have to grow up, then you k ow something is wrong with Kyler.

    This is not some ex teammate, and best part was after he re-signed with the Cards he didn’t walk it back. WOW!

    Too many people have voiced concerns about his lack of maturity, he is go8ng on his 5th yr in the league and as a starter, there must be some deep seeded issues for not have matured in this long.

    I hope whoever starts the season for the cards plays lights out and he doesn’t see the field in 2023

  2. Hopkins and Budda Baker aren’t on their way out the team has said this I don’t know why this is still being reported. Murray is well ahead of schedule in his rehab on track to be ready for week 1. There is zero chance AZ ends up with the number one pick with all the talent they have , offensively they have the players to field a top 5-10 offense pretty easily.

    Murray had zero help last season, his first 3 seasons he massively improved each and every year making two pro bowls, winning OROY, playing at an MVP level in 20/21. No QB is playing well in AZ last year n KM wasn’t even bad he just wasn’t elite like had been.
    With a much improved top 10 caliber OL in front of QB Kyler Murray he will be back playing at an elite MVP level next season reminding people just how dominant he can be on the football field and will have an absolutely stacked offense at skill positions to accomplish that feat with a WR/TE Corps consisting of DeAndre Hopkins, Hollywood Brown, Rondale Moore, one of the 3-4 best WR talents in the draft out of Stanford Michael Wilson, Greg Dortch, Zach Pascal n TES Zac Ertz n Trey McBride ready to really break out in YR2. People hyping AZ as finishing with a top 5 pick really needs to look at their roster as that’s not happening .

  3. Aren’t they stuck with him because of his contract though? Unless there is a way to get out early, because no way anybody will trade for him.

  4. We will see if all is good when Beachum misses a block and Murray calls him out. This team was looking like it could make a deep run a couple years ago but now are a total mess. Murray isn’t the future of this team and it appears to be time for another swing at the QB position.

  5. Kyler Murray may try to tank the Cardinals season. He would have the best job in the world if the Cardinals draft Caleb Williams. $30-40 million a year to hold a clipboard and play as much call of duty as he wants for 2-3 years.

  6. This entire organization is going downhill fast. They stink on the field and off the field.

  7. Well he does.

    Kyler is a heck of an athlete but it takes more than athleticism to succeed as an NFL QB.

    I had the sense that the extensions of Kingsbury, Keim, and Murray all in the same offseason were as much a PR move, the Cardinals were taking so much negative press after their 2021 late season collapse. Somebody was hoping to stabilize the franchise and culture and quell the growing disfunction from within.

    Murray needs to help the organization now, and stop being part of the problem.

  8. Do you think Beachum is the only one on the team who thinks the same thing about Murray? Do you think Terry Bradshaw is the only one who knows that Sean Peyton didn’t want to deal with Murray?Do you think it’s only Peyton who didn’t want to be Murray’s HC?. There is a time for tact and being politic, but some things just need to be said.

  9. Kyler Murray is a heck of a physical specimen, he is above average in that regard. Unfortunately, he is below average when it comes to the X’s and O’s, the mental part of it. He makes some poor decisions with ball placement. His legs can only get him out of so much trouble. The team attempted to alleviate some of his mental issues with the game by including verbiage concerning film study. Some commentators threw the racism card around and Murray himself balked at that study concerns. He only signed once the team blinked and removed the film/iPad/study requirements. That tells us all we need to know.

  10. That’s not true, he signed the contract, then the news about the clause about the film study requirements leaked. Then the team removed it due to bad press.

    For all the others talking about how Kyler and Beachum will interact, they’re forgetting a few things:
    – Beachum is a vet and all he said is that Kyler needs to grow up a little and be a better leader. Not exactly impeaching his character or throwing him under the bus.
    – Beachum is on a retirement deal and the Cardinals drafted his replacement. He will coach up the replacement.
    – Murray will probably not be back from the knee injury until November or December. It would be foolish to rush a mobile QB back from a severe knee injury.

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