Matt Eberflus: Justin Fields has made some big strides with his footwork

NFL: AUG 05 Chicago Bears Training Camp
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Bears quarterback Justin Fields displayed plenty of skill as a runner in his second season, accumulating 1,143 rushing yards and eight rushing touchdowns.

But Fields was less effective as a passer. He completed 60.4 percent of his throws for 2,242 yards with 17 touchdowns and 11 picks as the Bears finished last in passing attempts and yards. Fields was also sacked a league-leading 55 times and had a league-leading 16 fumbles.

So, the Bears set out to improve their passing game in the offseason, picking up a talented receiver in D.J. Moore in the trade down to No. 9 overall with the Panthers. And the team signed tight end Robert Tonyan in free agency.
But it’s the improvement Fields has made that should really put Chicago on the right track, with head coach Matt Eberflus noting on Friday that Fields has looked stronger in his rhythm and timing.

“Obviously, the priority is the passing game,” Eberflus said in his Friday press conference. “We ran the ball very well. But we all know that we’ve got to improve in the passing game. Part of that is the rhythm and timing. That’s the footwork with Justin.

“He’s been really working on that, really good — in terms of the quick pass, drop-back pass, movement passes. And he’s really made some big strides in that area, coming so far on his own, and now coming into the Phase II, that first week.”

Eberflus added that he’s “really optimistic” about the passing game coming along in part because of the pieces the club has acquired.

“Looking forward to getting them together,” Eberflus said. “Right now, we’re doing routes on air and stuff in Phase II, so it’s pretty cool to see those guys throw and catch together. But we’ll see when we start playing against defenses and all that. But, you just add athletes, guys that can catch the ball well, that can create mismatch problems with [Chase] Claypool and Bobby and D.J. and all those guys that we have.

“It’s only going to be better.”

14 responses to “Matt Eberflus: Justin Fields has made some big strides with his footwork

  1. Fields have talent, I’ve no concerns there. The Bears have weapons, any team would be pleased with the receivers they’ve assembled. The worry was and remains the offensive line. They’ve added linemen in free agency and the draft, but until they’ve gelled into a cohesive unit, they’ll remain the Achille’s heel of the the Bears’ offense.

  2. And with the 1st round and the 1st pick the Bears pick QB from USC Caleb Williams🤣,Bears should’ve traded Fields guy is another Lamar Jackson all they can do is run the ball but can’t stay in the pocket and make 20+ yards passes,he a bust and most likely a back up QB of the future or a next XFL QB

  3. I hope that means it will help to complete more passes. Bears fans probably have zero faith in QB progress…..they have NEVER had a decent QB.

  4. I hate losing Tonyan, but I’m glad he went to the Bears. He grew up a Bears fan in an outlying Chicago suburb.

  5. Can he also make any throw other than the 10-15 yard bullet over the middle?

  6. Fields will SHINE this year. Poles has given him protection and targets- He will break 1-4000 yards easy this year!!!

  7. While it’s heartening to hear of this progress, it’s worth noting that Luke Getsy et al. said pretty much the same exact thing at the this time last year…

  8. He can now throw from his back foot ambidextrously.

  9. People calling this guy a RB really have no clue about his development or why he has ended up running so much with the Bears.

  10. They call him a RB out of respect because he is a very good runner, but you can’t with a straight face call Fields a good passer of the football. Fields is a placeholder QB at best that will get the Bears fan’s hopes up, but when it’s all said and done next year, the Bears will once again be drafting in the top 10, possibly top 5 in the draft.

  11. Next they are going to work on Fields being able to chew gum at the same with his improved footwork.

  12. Fields has been a pocket passer his entire life. He’s a QB that’s an athletic freak that can run.

    I don’t remember how many passes to ISM and Pettis that were dropped. The ESB INT because he was sloppy in his comeback.

    Fields has to be one of the few that had a better line and weapons in college than he had at the Bears.

    Fields will break most Bears QB records this year, as awesome and pathetic as that sounds.

  13. Fields will lead the Bears to a good enough record to pass the Packers for last place in the division.

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