Nick Sirianni on Jalen Carter’s conditioning: Zero concerns, no one’s ready to play yet

NFL: APR 27 2023 Draft
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Defensive tackle Jalen Carter‘s conditioning was not where it needed to be at his Pro Day workout in March and it was a topic of conversation at Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni’s press conference on Friday.

Carter was one of many players to report to the facility for the start of rookie minicamp on Friday. Sirianni was asked a few questions about Carter’s conditioning and answered one by saying none of the players “are in really good football shape” at this point in the calendar.

“So today was not about finding out what their conditioning level was,” Sirianni said. “Today was about going out there and my coaching points to our coaches were, listen, their bodies are not ready to play yet. This is all about protecting the players while still getting ready to play.”

Sirianni was more specific about Carter in response to other questions. He said that he has “zero” concerns about Carter’s “level of conditioning at this point in time” and that he’s confident Carter will do whatever’s needed in order to remain that way.

“I told them straight up, things that I will — we obviously went over our rules, right, our team rules. And one of those team rules is be on time, and another one of those rules is be the weight you’re supposed to be and those are non-negotiable for me, and they know that and we’ll just keep that standard as we go,” Sirianni said. “But yeah, I sense that he wants to be the best pro he can be, and not every place — again, I don’t know exactly. I have no idea what each program says the person’s supposed to weigh, right, or sometimes, programs, even within the NFL don’t track that or they track it, but they don’t say, you have to weigh this amount; we do. So that’s just new to here. We will get him to what he’s supposed to play at, and I have no doubt in my mind he’ll do whatever he needs to do to be the player he needs to be.”

The Eagles will continue their minicamp through the weekend and then Carter and the rest of the team’s rookies will begin working their way into playing shape alongside the team’s veterans.

30 responses to “Nick Sirianni on Jalen Carter’s conditioning: Zero concerns, no one’s ready to play yet

  1. What else is he supposed to say? Let’s give the kid the benefit of doubt. I wouldn’t on lying to the police though, that’s more troubling than being out of shape. Also, anyone else notice how much Jaen Carter looks like Stacy Abrams? It’s uncanny how much they look alike.

  2. Press – Nick, will Jalen be ready?
    Nick – Tubby will be ready.
    Me – Be ready for the buffet.

  3. He played with injury the end of last season . Maybe that’s why he signed that contract so quick. He won’t see a second contract . And probably doesn’t care .

  4. So it’s okay for a player who knows they will be tested for the combine to get out of shape and you don’t think that shows a lack of commitment? Can’t put down the twinkies gor a while to get in shape?

  5. No doubt the haters will say:

    – there’s already trouble with this kid.
    – Sirianni runs a lax team with a bunch of out of shape players.
    – The Eagles are coddling their new pick because they traded up to get him.
    – The Eagles claim that their culture will rehabilitate this kid is false!

    Haters gonna hate.

  6. Never thought of it before but she does kinda look like Jalen a little. LOL. Maybe Stacey should put some pads on since she is bigger than him.

  7. A lot of people really hoping this young man fails. Not an Philly fan by any means but I’m not going to hope someone fails. Give him a chance like every other rookie.

  8. Clowney’s career was derailed by injury in his rookie year on the crappy horrible awful field in Houston. He was never considered a problem child.

    Carter is a problem child who will either figure out how to be a decent human being or will blow his signing bonus and end up in prison.

  9. His conditioning can wait, they don’t want him racing to the gym.

  10. It’s MAY. For those uninitiated, the Eagles had less injuries last season than ever before. When they won the SB LII, they had 6 season ending injuries. Last season all 22 starters that started the season started in SB LVII. Why? Because Sirianni doesn’t run half of the preseason camps other teams do; he gives the vets rest days, there’s no mini camp. So let’s wait until training camp in July and see what kind of physical condition he and the other 89 players are in.

  11. Looking forward to watching Jalen become part of a dominant eagles defensive line. Perfect landing spot as he will be mentored by fletch and B.G.

  12. When people start declaring a victory on drafts you know that some people will disappoint.

  13. One of the best pieces of advice my HS football coach ever imparted on us was: “You don’t play football to get in shape. You get in shape to play football.”

  14. Fans like to overlook the signs with this kid and compare him to players like Sapp who turned in a HOF career after an unexpected draft slide.

    What those fans don’t see, is that for every Warren Saap, there’s also a Nick Fairly story. A “can’t miss” guaranteed Pro Bowler who turned in a ho-hum career and was out of the league after 6 seasons.

    Time will tell where this kid ends up.

  15. We’ll just see what happens. I don’t know that I would’ve been excited to draft him, but I’m willing to give our football people a shot.

  16. “He played with injury the end of last season . Maybe that’s why he signed that contract so quick. He won’t see a second contract . And probably doesn’t care .”

    He signed it so quick because there was no reason not to. NFL rookie contracts are slotted and he gets whatever the slot dictates. As for not caring about a second contract, most people care a lot about money, and especially the lucrative contract he would get if he plays well his first few years. Maybe he’ll decide money is a collective illusion and go become a farmer in South America. Chances are he’ll get a second contract.

  17. Arrive in camp out of shape and you’ll already be behind the 8Ball trying to catch up.

  18. Eagles are just looking too good in NFC this year. Carter arrives and puts in the work and stays clean off the field, he is gonna destory opposing o-lines. Howie Roseman, how do you keep doing this? ONly issue for Eagles is the AFC is still so loaded any battle tested team from AFC will beat them in SB…again.

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