Panthers have “no timeline” for playing Bryce Young

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There’s been a presumption that Panthers quarterback Bryce Young will start right away. That presumption might not become the reality.

Earlier this week, Panthers G.M. Scott Fitterer explained the process for deciding when to put Young on the field.

“We’re going to rely on our coaches — Jim Caldwell, Frank Reich, Thomas Brown — to decide when it’s right,” Fitterer said. “We don’t have a timeline. We’re not saying, ‘Hey, this guy’s gonna start the first game or we’re not going to play him at all this year.’ When the time is right or we felt like he’s got enough of a mastery of the offense where he can go out and operate this and be successful, that’s when he’ll be out there.

“We went out and signed Andy Dalton for a reason. He played as a rookie. He’s got a lot of experience. He understands his role and he can play good football. If Andy’s the guy to start the season, and he’s the starter right now heading into the season, then he’ll be the guy. When Bryce is ready or Matt Corral is ready whoever it may be, that’ll be the time they go in. We say it’s open competition, but Frank did say, ‘Hey, Andy’s he’s our guy right now. He’ll walk into the season as the starter and then as you know, the young guys compete underneath him, then they’ll go in when they’re ready.”

Dalton has been there and done that, two years ago in Chicago. He went from QB1 to QB2 once Justin Field was ready to go.

The challenge for the Panthers becomes knowing exactly when the right time has arrived to make Young the quarterback. If it happens too early, it can impact his long-term development. It can contribute to a potential boom becoming a bust.

That’s why plenty of busts aren’t simply the fault of the player. The team must know how to develop the player and when to insert the player into the lineup. For many players who don’t pan out, particularly at the quarterback position, the reality is that their career was mismanaged by the teams that picked them.

26 responses to “Panthers have “no timeline” for playing Bryce Young

  1. We all know this is a lie. We hear it every year, and as soon as Dalton has a mediocre game or they lose a couple (regardless of how Dalton plays) the fans and media will be calling for Young, and the team will put him in ASAP.

  2. Of course not. They still need to wait for him to grow 4″ and put on 20lbs.

  3. You give up that amount of capital, he has to start Week 1….or he wasn’t worth the capital

  4. He’s the number 1 overall pick. The correct answer is “From day 1.”

  5. The formula always prevails: Throw the rookie in when the fans can’t stand losing with the jouneyman anymore.

  6. If you have Andy Dalton as your starter and 2 unseasoned backups, you have zero starters.

  7. In this day and age of cheap rookie quarterbacks, Young we’ll get the go-ahead when he’s ready, but all the options are cap-friendly, if Corral somehow destroys Young in the competition, they’ll give Young the Josh Rosen treatment and move on.

  8. This reads like…we’re okay losing with Dalton for about half the season, let Young develop a little, throw him to the wolves, pray he doesn’t get hurt, then watch the Bears draft #5 in 2024.

  9. That’s how you do it. Let the rookie sit watch listen and learn for a year. Most positions a rookie can just step in and succeed. Alot more to it for a rookie QB.

  10. Maybe unpopular opinion here but i have a hard time believing both Stroud and Young turn into Top 10 QBs in the league.

  11. Young isnt a runner or escape artist like Wilson was. He is a drop back passer who lacks movement. His throws were mostly with feet planted. He wont have time for that in the NFL. I still believe the game will be too big for him. Well see if he is worth the one pick.

  12. Mahomes didn’t start his 1st year, seems to have worked out for KC. Those who say day 1 don’t know football

  13. The theory that a #1 pick needs to start on day one is complete nonsense. He might not have to wait a full year or two, but the rookie is coming to a new team with a completely new offense. Regardless of how good the rookie is, it takes time to learn any NFL offense.

    The Panthers would be smart to start Dalton and see how quickly Young can pick it up. It might only be after a few regular season games. But to just throw the kid into the meat-grinder is a waste of talent.

  14. Throwing rookies to the wolves(or Bears,Lions, or Chiefs) is often a bad idea.A lot of rookie QBs lose confidence or get beat up too quickly. I would start Dalton at least the first few games

  15. That’s exactly as it should be. They have a good young QB and need to take the time to build the right situation that will protect and sustain him.

    I feel like the Colts are taking the other, less wise, approach in sounding far too eager to run with Richardson ASAP.

    Neither of these teams is going to compete for a Super Bowl for a couple years to come, at least, so it’s a golden opportunity to take their time and develop their QBs.

  16. Young will be a bust, give it 3 years cause they have to give Caldwell and Reich time to work their qb guru magic on him, but since he is barely 6 ft tall and is not too mobile or too talented of a passer all 3 of them will be done in 3 yrs if not less.

    They should have given Corral a chance this year

  17. Young is a passer and therefore he needs to learn how to process NFL defenses and such. With running QBs, you can (probably should) throw them in immediately—they aren’t running pro offenses and you don’t want to waste a minute of their youth. While it makes sense to keep Young off the field, Dalton won’t hold him off for long.

  18. ghjjf says:
    May 5, 2023 at 12:38 pm
    Uhm if the number 1 overall pick can’t start week 1 then he is a bust!
    You mean, like Eli Manning?

  19. Used to be a time when rookies sat and watched, till their time came to play. Rather have the guy succeed and play when the time is right. But nope the fans are crying already.

  20. my3cents says:
    May 5, 2023 at 2:32 pm
    You mean, like Eli Manning?

    Eli was at best an average QB, not worth a first overall pick!

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