Thanks to all who entered the Father of Mine giveaway

Anthony Zych

Death, taxes, and a thirst for free stuff.

Those are the actual sure things in this world.

And that’s fine by me. I offered a signed, personalized copy of Father of Mine on Friday. Entries poured in. (They’re still coming, even though the contest ended last night.) I filtered the emails by key word, counted them up, and asked a random-number generator to randomly generate a number for me.

The winner was Mo in Newark. Eagles fan. The book went out this morning, during my Saturday morning errands — and before some sort of virus kicked my ass.

I’ve still got a stack of print copies of the book. I’ll do it again, when you least expect it.

If/when you enter, following the instructions specifically. Send it to the right email address and send the exact subject line provided.

Meanwhile, you can get the ebook from Amazon for $4.99, or the print edition for $13.97. And the book is now included in the Kindle Unlimited library, where it can be read at no extra charge — and where it’s completely free as part of a 30-day trial.

So if you entered and if you still want free stuff, sign up for Kindle Unlimited, read the book, and then decide whether you want to keep Kindle Unlimited beyond the 30 days.

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  1. Hey Mike, I bought the print edition last week and really liked the read! Well worth the $14.47 I paid for it and I would still like to get it in the audio version, if you are still working on that. I have an elderly uncle (94) that would enjoy the heck out of it but doesn’t see very well.

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