Commanders inquired about Andrew Luck in 2022

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After missing out on a chance to trade for Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford in 2021, the Washington Commanders cast a wide net in 2022 — calling every team about every potential quarterback who could be acquired in any potential trade. A new report regarding the team’s commitment to Sam Howell reveals just how thorough it was.

Via John Keim of, the Commanders actually asked the Colts about retired quarterback Andrew Luck before trading for one of Luck’s annual replacements, Carson Wentz.

The article doesn’t explain whether Luck wasn’t interested in playing for the Commanders, or whether the Colts weren’t interested in trading him. In the four seasons since Luck retired, there has been no indication that he’s even thinking about returning. With each passing year, it becomes less and less likely it will happen.

That said, he’s still only 33 years old. He could indeed come back, if he wanted. If injuries were the thing that drove him away, the game keeps getting safer and safer for quarterbacks — and he has four years of no wear and tear whatsoever.

Regardless of whether he ever comes back, the Commanders at least made the inquiry last year. Now that the Colts have drafted Anthony Richardson and, hopefully for them, dismantled their revolving-door approach to the most important position in the game, maybe they’d be willing to trade Luck away, if Luck ever wakes up one day and decides to come back.

33 responses to “Commanders inquired about Andrew Luck in 2022

  1. With the 1st pick in the 2024 NFL Draft the Washington Commanders slect Caleb Williams, qb, USC

  2. Luck feels like Carson Palmer. Present him with the right situation and he’s back.

  3. Luck has no incentive to return to the NFL. He is enjoying life and he has also made a lot of money.

  4. Poor Andy. I’m so glad the Colts are getting Karma for what the organization and fanbase did to him. What goes around, comes around.

  5. The colts killed him by not building him a line. Screw that franchise. We only get a handful of great qbs you can’t kill them,

  6. Luck is not returning to football, Bigfoot is not real, the moon landing really happened, the earth is round not FLT Kyrie, let’s move on.

  7. I would love to see Luck back. That said, the Commanders are worse than Indy. Glad to see nothing materialized.

  8. “If injuries were the thing that drove him away, the game keeps getting safer and safer for quarterbacks”

    Except his rights belong to the Colts who have gotten every QB that’s replaced him injured showing why he retired to begin with. Drafting a running QB built like a house in Richardson is the smartest move the Colts have done in years because a pocket passer is just a target.

  9. Desperation with a capital D…

  10. He is never coming back. And if ever thought of it, it would certainly never have been for the Commanders.

  11. It would make for a great story, but at this point it seems there is zero chance of it. Luck has had almost zero exposurethese last few years…and I’m sure that’s how he wants it to stay.

  12. Andrew Luck’s not stupid. If he wasn’t happy in Indy, he’s sure as hell not going to be happy in Washington. The fact that he knows that but Washington doesn’t speaks volumes.

  13. Luck is done. No way he comes back. Crazy though, I sure some team out there would make him top 5 paid without even so much as a tryout.

  14. Luck looks like he weighs 170 pounds now. He isn’t coming back. He made the read that Tua couldn’t. Luck got hit a lot and that’s not sustainable.

  15. No way he ever comes back. He made enough money to last 10 lifetimes. Irsay dream of him coming back, or getting a boatload of draft picks for him is just never going to happen.

  16. In goofy times like these, I like to quote Elsa from frozen: LET IT GO

  17. If you decided to retire and after 4 years the commander’s contacted you will you be excited?

    I could see luck coming back for one year just to milk them for a paycheck.
    Put no effort into it and just collect 20 to 40 million

  18. Last time we saw Andrew Luck in public he looked about 160lbs. He looks like he has no interest in playing again and has given up on football.

  19. LOL. Intentionally giving up two first rounders right before selling the team would be the most Daniel Snyder thing ever.

  20. silver spoon kid w/ 7 years of NFL money and a ton of connections…doesn’t need NFL as much as NFL needs him, not happening

  21. Luck is happily retired. The Colts let him take a lot of abuse. Luck also shredded his shoulder in an off season ski accident. He is done.

  22. Talk about a move that reeks of desperation. The Colts didn’t do jack to protect Luck, so he chose to protect himself. It’s over for Andrew, and good on him for taking that initiative.

  23. stlrhd says:
    May 8, 2023 at 9:18 am
    LOL. Intentionally giving up two first rounders right before selling the team would be the most Daniel Snyder thing ever

    It was last offseason….I read it somewhere in the article. Oh yeah the headline!

  24. Just the ultimate Washington sort of move. They weren’t going anywhere that year and really needed to keep building for the future but decided to waste some time trying to coax somebody out of retirement who’d only come back for a year or two even if he (improbably) did decide to return. One of the reasons bad teams stay bad is they have no clear focus.

  25. Someone should tell the Commanders there is this thing called a draft where you can get young, cheap talented players to play for your team. Also, sometimes a player’s contract expires and he is allowed to sign with whatever team he wants. These are the way normal teams fill roster spots, not trolling around guys that have been retired for years.

  26. After seeing these new QB contracts, maybe now is a good time to return.

  27. Luck just didn’t want to have a long career. He made enough money …he felt was good for his lifetime . If he wanted to play into his upper 30s he could have forced a trade

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