Kadarius Toney could become the next No. 1 receiver for the Chiefs

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Chiefs won the Super Bowl last year without a classic No. 1 receiver. One of the receivers the Chiefs picked up along the way could become the team’s new No. 1 receiver in 2023.

Via Adam Teicher of ESPN.com, the Chiefs see Kadarius Toney as the potential successor to Tyreek Hill.

“He’s predominately been a guy that is a slot receiver, returner, runner — a gadget guy, if you will — but I don’t know if there is a limit on his game because he has a vertical game,’’ Chiefs general manager Brett Veach said, via Teicher. “I don’t know if [his college team, Florida was] one that vertically pushed the ball down the field, and his time early on in New York, I don’t know if they were a team that really vertically pushed the ball down the field.”

Last October, the Chiefs acquired Toney, a first-round pick in 2021, for a late third-round pick and a sixth-round pick in 2023.

“It’s a fair question to [ask]: ‘Has he ever played with a quarterback that likes to push the ball down the field?’” Veach said. “We have a lot of high hopes for him. He was a first-round pick for a reason. There’s a reason why we traded for him and we felt like he was first-round talent.”

A true No. 1 receiver has the speed to command double coverage, to force defensive coordinators to plan how to stop him. That’s what the Chiefs had in Hill.

They also had a guy who tempted quarterback Patrick Mahomes to hold the ball a little longer in order to uncork a long throw and catch. Last season, Mahomes operated within the confines of the offense — and it worked out pretty well.

If the Chiefs get a No. 1 receiver in Toney, it will be a great bargain. His salary for 2023 is only $1.907 million, and he’s not even eligible for a new deal until after the next season ends.

That’s the thing about having a No. 1 receiver. At some point, he needs to be paid accordingly. The Chiefs did it once with Hill, but they weren’t willing to do it again. It will be interesting to see whether Toney gets a massive contract if he becomes the guy who can do it all for the Kansas City offense, or whether the Chiefs will simply go look for another one.


23 responses to “Kadarius Toney could become the next No. 1 receiver for the Chiefs

  1. I’m doubtful Toney is a #1, but like Evan Engram before him, Toney looked a lot better with a QB not named Daniel Jones. Kind of pokes a hole in the Jones never has had weapons narrative.

  2. Great question for the Giants to consider – why Toney and Engram flourished after they left the Giants and Jones. But neither stayed healthy in New Jersey either. The players? The bad turf? The QB? None of the above?

  3. Toney is easily one of the top 4 or 5 receivers in the league. His issues were never about ability or potential. It was all about intangibles and maturity. Andy Reid has a way of getting guys like this to reach their potential. If Toney keeps his focus on being the best player he can be, there’s no question he’s a #1 receiver. None at all. Great return guy, too. Most teams would waste their time with a kid like this, but Andy Reid has some magic about him and his ability to relate to kids.

  4. Toney didnt want to play for the Giants. You cant blame Jones for that. KT was a malcontent in NY.

  5. Will never be a number 1 Work ethic is a requirement and he’s sevely lacking in that department

  6. If he can stay healthy, possibly. But you gotta be a able to stay healthy to be the man. Worst case they have 3 #2 guys in Sky More, Toney and MVS. Bad thing is they’re still looking for a #1. I was hoping Juju or Hardman could do it but both played like #2’s as well and neither produced as needed.

  7. As a giants fan, he has the talent, but I doubt he’ll ever reach his potential.

  8. He didn’t get to the NFL by being a bad Football Player, give him a chance. Maybe he can be a #1. I know he won’t be Tyreek, but he can easily be the #1 WR on the team. Just not the #1 option, that belongs to Travis Kelce.

  9. billshistorian says:
    May 7, 2023 at 8:37 pm
    I’m doubtful Toney is a #1, but like Evan Engram before him, Toney looked a lot better with a QB not named Daniel Jones. Kind of pokes a hole in the Jones never has had weapons narrative.

    This year Engrams stats were marginally better than with Jones. If he could catch the damn ball, his stats with Jones would be about the same, if not better. Go look at 2020. If not for his 11 drops his stats would be identical to this year.

    As for Toney, I’d be surprised if he played more than 5 or 6 games with Jones. He was always hurt. There is no way you can call Toney a “weapon” for Jones.

    If you watched the Giants, you would know that they haven’t had what could be called a “weapon” (other than Barkley) since OBJ was traded.

  10. I’m doubtful Toney is a #1, but like Evan Engram before him, Toney looked a lot better with a QB not named Daniel Jones. Kind of pokes a hole in the Jones never has had weapons narrative.

    Toney was hurt virtually every game he was there. He was out more games than he played in NY. You can’t indict Jones based on this player.

  11. Lots of talk about his time in NY, but the past isn’t an absolute indicator of the future. He wouldn’t be the first player to blossom once he found the right environment.

    Toney absolutely has WR1 talent. If he can stay healthy, he and Mahomes are going to be incredible to watch.

    This Chiefs fan is really glad to have him in KC and looking forward to watching him shine.

  12. I think Kadarius definitely has the talent and ability to be the #1 Receiver for the Chiefs. The only question is if he can stay healthy enough to do it.

  13. I like the malcontent comment posted earlier & your not wrong but your forgetting that Andy Reed has a way of dealing with troubled players & usually they learn to shut up & play nice while members of his team.

  14. I’m afraid my Chiefs (management) are getting too arrogant about thinking they can simply plug anyone in and have them be special. Mahomes obviously did a great job working with new guys last year, but you can’t expect him to groom new players every year or 2 and always have success.

  15. KC has a funny way of making players great, and take note, this guy is gonna have a great year coming up.

  16. Toney became a huge PIA in NY and the Giants caved . Instead of disciplining the kid they shipped him to a WINNING team ….dumb! Always ship your malcontents to a WORSE team than yours!

  17. Toney had 41 catches in NY. He had 14 in KC. How is that flourishing?
    Engram was great in NY when OBJ was out and Engram was actually targeted. He was their go to guy. I wish people would watch the games or at least read the stats.

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