Nick Foles contemplates his future after his release from the Colts

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Nick Foles previously has considered retirement, but he returned and won a Super Bowl MVP.

So, what does his future hold now?

The Colts released Foles on Friday, eight days after selecting Anthony Richardson fourth overall. Richardson joins a quarterbacks room that includes Gardner Minshew and Sam Ehlinger.

“I was just released [Friday] by the Colts, which is actually a good thing, so don’t cry for me,” Foles said Saturday at Mariners Church in Irvine, California, via Gabriel Kerith of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “It’s OK. The coach that I was there for, Frank Reich, was fired. Their G.M. [Chris Ballard] and I had a good relationship. It’s all good. Everything’s fine.”

Foles, 34, has played for three teams in four seasons since leaving Philadelphia. He made 14 starts for the Jaguars, Bears and Colts in those four seasons, going 3-11.

Maybe he retires. Maybe he signs somewhere to mentor a young quarterback. Maybe some team has a quarterback injury and comes calling.

It sounds as if Foles is indecisive about his future in the NFL.

“Shoot, almost every year of my career I’ve almost retired,” Foles said. “Every offseason, I think, ‘Do I still want to play? Do I still want to keep going?’ Specifically this last year with everything.”

Foles has 14,227 passing yards, 82 touchdowns and 42 interceptions, along with a statue outside Lincoln Financial Field.

17 responses to “Nick Foles contemplates his future after his release from the Colts

  1. 86 million in career earnings, one of the most unlikely postseason runs to a Super Bowl victory in NFL history, 11 seasons in the league. If this is it he’s had a hell of a career IMHO.

  2. Retire. You have never been good and the NFL gave you a Superbowl with the loser eagles . I guess 50 something years was enough. Retire.

  3. I still have nightmares about Nick Foles in the Super Bowl

  4. If I was Foles, Ryan, and Flacco… I would be rich.

    Also, I would wait for an injury to sign with a team. Teams have already made their commitments to their QBs for 2023. At best, they would come in and caddie for a youngster. I think they would enjoy catching on to a 2022 49ers situation instead—join a contender and possibly see the field, maybe get a(nother) ring. QB injuries are the soup de jour these days; making through the entire season seems like the exception, rather than the norm.

  5. Best of luck to you, Nick. Thanks for the memories. Shame on you,Tom Brady, for refusing to shake the man’s hand the two times he beat you.

  6. Pats haters are legion. Foles stated that Brady looked him up and shook his hand later the crush died down. But haters will cling to any false narrative that feeds the bile permeating their jealous souls.

  7. I think he’s probably going to retire. He will forever be a legend in Philadelphia.

  8. We love our Eagles, our cheesesteaks, our scrapple, and of most of all, Our Super Bowl MVP… Nick Foles

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