Report: Jets, Quinnen Williams not close to contract extension

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Defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence signed a contract extension with the Giants this week, but it doesn’t look like another defensive tackle who calls MetLife Stadium home is on the verge of signing one.

Jets General Manager Joe Douglas said recently that he is “optimistic and hopeful” about reaching an agreement with Quinnen Williams on a new deal. Rich Cimini of ESPN reports that the two sides are not close to striking a deal, however.

Lawrence’s extension followed new deals for Jeffery Simmons and Daron Payne that have given shape to the top of the market for defensive tackles. That hasn’t been enough to get things rolling for Williams and the Jets, but it should help the process at some point.

Williams is currently set to play the 2023 season on his fifth-year option at a salary of $9.594 million. He has not been taking part in the team’s voluntary workouts this spring.

17 responses to “Report: Jets, Quinnen Williams not close to contract extension

  1. He hasn’t played with Rodgers yet. Only past team mates of ARod get serious Jets consideration.

  2. One of the top 3 DTs in the NFL. Should become the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL.

  3. gjv001 says:
    May 7, 2023 at 3:14 pm
    One of the top 3 DTs in the NFL. Should become the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL.

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  4. When you come on this site pretending to be someone else, you can’t say the exact same things over and over. You’re still the same sad NE fanboy.

  5. And stop laughing out loud all the time. People will think you’re weird.

  6. Makes sense that this is a problem. Aaron Donald signed his deal a year ago and the ones signing now are almost a full 10M per year less.

    Quinnen Williams has better numbers than both Lawrence and Simmons, so he should be the 2nd highest paid DT, but how close to Donald money is he demanding? Douglas probably wants to pay him a dollar more than Simmons, and I don’t blame him for that, but I also don’t blame Williams for asking for a dollar less than Donald.

    This is the DT version of the Desean Watson Lamar Jackson dilemma.

  7. Don’t forget … it’s not the money, it’s “respect”. No one can ever admit they want money.

  8. Williams is probably hoping they don’t sign him so he can play on a contender or help make another team a contender. There doesn’t appear to be much hope for the Jets. They can’t seem to figure out how to put the thing in gear. I don’t like to see guys waste their entire career on a dumpster fire team. Williams is a stud.

  9. Your team has done some underachieving of its own. The season is 5 months away. RELAX

  10. Austin Ekeler wants out of the dumpster fire on the other coast. Same scenario, only Williams wants to be in NY.

  11. Let’s see if general manager Aaron Rodgers wants to sign him or trade him will see

  12. If the jets truly want to change the direction of their franchise, it starts with signing your successful draft picks to a second contract. For the sake of the football world, I hope it’s not as long and drawn out as their trade for Rodgers.

    As a Bills fan, I won’t be upset if they mess it up.

  13. That guy is a problem. If the Jets don’t show him a large pile of respect, he will have close to 31 other teams from which to choose.

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