Zach Ertz says he was nearly traded to the Bills in 2021

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During a 2021 season that ended with an epic loss to the Chiefs in the divisional round of the playoffs, the Bills had a chance to add an offensive weapon with Super Bowl experience. It almost happened, but it ultimately didn’t.

Via Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News, Cardinals tight end Zach Ertz said while receiving the 20th annual Call to Courage Award that he nearly became a Bill during the 2021 season.

“I was getting traded out of Philadelphia,” Ertz said. “There were a couple teams extremely interested, Buffalo being one of them. It was almost a done deal, but it just didn’t get over the finish line.”

Ertz said that someone on Philly’s side of the equation nixed the deal with Buffalo. Ertz wouldn’t disclose the person who put on the kibosh on the trade.

The Eagles ultimately sent Ertz to the Cardinals for a fifth-round pick and cornerback Tay Gowan.

The Bills finally added another tight end in the first-round of the draft to pair with Dawson Knox, trading up to get tight end Dalton Kincaid.

16 responses to “Zach Ertz says he was nearly traded to the Bills in 2021

  1. I’m not sure which perennial loser would be the better of the two to be sent off too. I guess Arizona would be the preferred destination based on climate, and proximity to actual civilization

  2. At least the bills got Dalton Kincaid but Zach Ertz is a good player as well

  3. If you don’t care about winning or having a good organization, AZ is great. Minus the 3-4 months of summer where it’s 120 nearly every day. It’s a nice place to live in

  4. Zach once cracked a rib and lacerated a kidney making a catch and played the rest of the game. If you can’t respect that, well…

  5. This article can only be categorized as…there is nothing else to write about so I’ll write about something that Didnt happen, TWO years ago. (palm to forehead)

  6. The Cardinals are not serious about football. Chill and enjoy the great weather.

  7. Zach Ertz got traded to the NFL team that makes players pay for lunch

  8. As an Eagles fan, it’s unfortunate to hear that someone within the organization “nixed” the deal with Buffalo. He was a great player for us, an awesome teammate, and did great work with his wife for the city. He deserved to be traded to a good organization and a winner, not Arizona.

  9. Wouldn’t have changed the 2021 season. Josh Allen and the Bills offense literally scored a TD on every drive in the first playoff game that season, and did everything possible on offense to beat KC in the second playoff game. It was defense and special teams that lost the game.

  10. They decided to trade him to a conference opponent rather than a team out of conference.
    It’s actually a smart move in this case because the Bills had a better shot to meet them again in the Super Bowl..
    Eagles not worried about payback from the Cards.

  11. It really didn’t matter who the Eagles traded Ertz to as long as it wasn’t the Commanders, Giants or Cowboys, all of whom they have to play twice each season.

  12. The Bills finally added another tight end in the first-round of the draft to pair with Dalton Knox, trading up to get tight end Dalton Kincaid.

    Apparently the Bills love Dalton Kincaid so much that they made Dawson Knox change his name to Dalton also

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