Clayton Tune: I think I’m the best quarterback in this class, I elevate everyone around me

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The Cardinals made Clayton Tune the ninth quarterback selected in this year’s draft, but seeing eight other players at the position come off the board before hearing his name didn’t do anything to dim Tune’s confidence in himself.

Tune spent the last five seasons leading the Houston offense and that experience has left him feeling like he is at the top of this year’s group of incoming quarterbacks.

“I think I’m the best quarterback in this class and God’s got a plan for me,” Tune said, via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic.  “If you look at my body of work, the effect that I have on my team that I play on, I elevate everyone around me. I’m a natural leader, people follow me and see the work that I’m putting in and the mindset that I have, and they want to follow suit. I have that no-flinch mentality when things get going tough. Those are some of the intangible things, and then being able to make every throw on the field, being able to make plays off schedule and being more mobile than people realize.”

It’s unclear when Kyler Murray is going to be ready to play after last year’s torn ACL, so the Cardinals may be starting the season with a different starting quarterback. If Tune’s self-assessment is proven correct over the next few months, he could get that nod over Colt McCoy, David Blough, and Jeff Driskel.

23 responses to “Clayton Tune: I think I’m the best quarterback in this class, I elevate everyone around me

  1. He is my sleeper QB, wanted my team to grab him, but he went a few picks ahead. He got better every year.

  2. Was it part of God’s plan for you to be the most mistakenly-over-confident, egotistical, dork that I’ve ever heard? If so . . . it’s all going according to plan!

  3. Comments like this are just a reminder as to how young and not mature these “guys” really are. He just doesn’t know enough to say, “I know I wasn’t drafted as the top QB in the class, but I’m working to be the best. I’m hoping to be someone that makes his teammates better and is someone everyone wants to follow. I’m all about honesty, hard work and teachability.” Maybe in five years, his verbal skills will improve.

  4. My motto is “let other people brag for you”…this guy going hard on the self-sell. Good luck.

  5. He’s “underdrafting” himself. He should be running for President and “elevate” all of us.

  6. 8-5 last season in a smaller conference. How bad would they have been if he hadn’t been “elevating everybody around him”?

  7. While some humility here might be more sensible, what he said got people talking about him. Maybe not a bad idea. I certainly wouldn’t have paid any attention to him if I didn’t read this. He will have to prove it on the field and it looks like he will get a shot to do that.

  8. Clayton Tune said “I think I’m the best quarterback in this class and God’s got a plan for me,”
    Coaches actually want to hear that kind of comment from a rookie QB draftee. Not sure why people (posters here) think it comes across as arrogant, because it doesn’t. To say he THINKS he is the best QB in the draft, isn’t the same as saying he IS the best best QB in the draft. Confidence and arrogance aren’t the same thing.

  9. The only people he elevates with this are the ones who read this and got up from their seat to go puke.

  10. Always rooting for a guy like this to succeed but I’m not getting fooled by a houston qb again. Back in the day I was convinced that case keenum was the truth. He was not.

  11. The real problem here isn’t his overblown ego, its that his mentor is gonna be Kyler Murray.

  12. This would be awesome if he were, I like Murray but he seems like he got a raw deal in Arizona so far. Maybe he would prefer to be elsewhere

  13. Nothing wrong with a guy being confident in his own abilities, but true natural leaders don’t have to tell everyone how much of a leader they are. This guy is just natural born arrogant, but he is young, so maybe he will mature.

  14. Russell Wilson said the loss of the SB to the Pat’s was part of God’s plan for him. God must have a heck of a sense of humor.

  15. Wel then let’s see after he takes a few good hits at nfl speed, then check back and see if it’s still God’s plan. Good way to start by acting like you are a God and way better then everyone… he be out of the nfl in about 2 years maybe 3..

  16. If this was a Patriot or Eagle player saying this …

    He’d be praised in here…but because he is a Cardinal, he gets dragged

  17. Is he mature? is he one to work hard? is he one to study film? he may have three up on Kyler

  18. If there is a god, I truly hope he or she has better things to do than get involved in football in any way.

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