Justin Fields returns to Ohio State to graduate


Bears quarterback Justin Fields didn’t need to finish his degree at Ohio State. But he chose to do it and, on Sunday, it became official.

Via NBC Sports Chicago, Fields continued his coursework after leaving school for the NFL in 2021, and he participated in Sunday’s graduation ceremony. He opted to leave school after his junior year.

Fields earned a degree in consumer and family financial services.

The twelfth overall pick in 2021, Fields has arguably become the league’s most dangerous running threat at the quarterback position. As he prepares for his third NFL season, the Bears are working to put more talent around him — and to develop him more as a passer.

If it works, he could become one of the best young quarterbacks in the league.

25 responses to “Justin Fields returns to Ohio State to graduate

  1. Credit to Fields for getting his diploma, but “consumer and family financial services” is a thing you can major in?

  2. Glad to hear Fields went back and finished what he started. He didn’t have to do that and a lot of guys don’t. Shows what kind of character he has.

  3. He might as well get some success. Reality is bears and Packers fighting it out for the basement in the NFC north.

  4. This kid is going to have a great year. The Bears are going to make the haters of Fields put their foot in mouth!

  5. Kudos to him for going back and completing his degree. Its something he will always have, and who knows what his future will hold.

    It says a lot he was willing to do this.

  6. Fields should take pride in finishing his college degree. Whatever one may think about Fields as a QB, he deserves respect for his non-football decision to complete his college education. He provides a good example for other high school and college athletes to follow. I admire his choice and dedication and hope that he will continue showing dedication all around to become a successful QB and contribute to society at large through good works off the field.

  7. Good for him, a degree is a degree. That said, that degree is probably worth more than a degree in Creative Basket Weaving. I stll doubt he had any classes in differential equations or particle physics.

  8. covidvaxxisforidiots says:
    May 8, 2023 at 11:02 am
    This kid is going to have a great year. The Bears are going to make the haters of Fields put their foot in mouth!
    A lot of people talk about how "great" his year was last year as well. Problem is 17 fumbles and 11 interceptions leads to the worst team in the NFL. I don't see much changing after one off-season.

  9. Making millions in the NFL, he didn’t have to take the time go back to school — good for him.

  10. I would think that if one gets a scholarship – presumably full-ride – to attend a university, then it would be a matter of honor to complete one’s degree. Recognizing both gratitude and the privilege of getting what most other people have to either not get or take on life-altering debt to get. But I guess most people in these positions aren’t operating on the basis of honor. Glad to hear Fields followed through.

  11. This guy is Lamar Part 2. Prepare for many injuries and a short career.

  12. Oh Geez, another mistake and lack of me actually using my brain to articulate a proper assessment and complete story of what took place last year for the Bears.

    Let’s not forget Fields single handedly kept the Bears in almost every game with his legs because the offense had no weapons and no line. The defense was a complete fire sale of the front seven and gave up more points than any team. Justin Fields played last season with the worst defense in the league. He did have fumbles and INTs that didn’t help neither. Pretty much seemed like finishing in last place was intentional, to be honest I think Fields will need to prove himself this year, otherwise the Bears will be looking for QB #45 in 30 plus years.

  13. fcox91 says:
    May 8, 2023 at 11:52 am

    So, he majored in… Home Ec?
    Sounds more like financial planner than home Ec. to me.

  14. maxsonsa says:
    May 8, 2023 at 11:01 am

    He might as well get some success. Reality is bears and Packers fighting it out for the basement in the NFC north.


    No one believes this but you.

  15. For those who started but never completed, go back, finish up and walk across that stage. Its never too late and it’s a memory you’ll carry the rest of your life.

  16. I wonder if the folks that are disparaging Field’s degree have a degree of their own.

  17. I’m not sold on him as a qb but I’ll root for the guy now. It’s a very odd sounding degree but at least it’s not liberal arts and by name is something he can use after his career.

  18. “Reality is bears and Packers fighting it out for the basement in the NFC north.”

    No matter how many times you keep saying this, it won’t come true unless the Lions figure out how to get a QB other Jared Goff and some old guy with a torn ACL that they drafted in round 3.

  19. He might need it soon guy is a bust soon to be a former NFL QB and a XFL QB in a few years

  20. College degrees don’t mean anything anymore. Kids in America are believing they need pronouns as a standard.

    Fields did the right thing, also has potential to be great in the NFL. No reason to close the door on this kid as of yet….

  21. That’s really great Justin. FINISHING off is a huge character trait we all work on . In addition you won’t wake up on the middle of the night dreaming you never got your diploma…

  22. I’m 60 and thinking about going back to school. But then again, I’m broke. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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