Report: Foster Moreau has offer on table from Saints, interest from other teams

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A free-agent visit to the Saints resulted in a physical that led to a cancer diagnosis for tight end Foster Moreau. The news that Moreau has Hodkin’s lymphoma did not end the Saints’ pursuit of Moreau.

Brooke Kirchhofer of WWL-TV reports that Moreau has an offer on the table from the Saints. She adds that other teams are interested in Moreau, who spent his first four seasons with the Raiders.

Last month, Moreau returned to the Saints’ facility to complete his physical. Appearing in mid-April on Good Morning America, Moreau said his prognosis is good.

It’s unclear when he’ll be cleared to play. It’s great that he has an extra incentive to win the fight for a return to full health.

Moreau, 26, is a New Orleans native who played high-school football in the area and attended Louisiana State University. He entered the league as a fourth-round pick of the Raiders in 2019.

10 responses to “Report: Foster Moreau has offer on table from Saints, interest from other teams

  1. Foster is talented enough to start for 28 some teams in the NFL right now. Shame my Raiders let him walk and hope his health is in order.

  2. Good news for him. Awesome he is well enough to even being able to talk about playing.

  3. He’s a good player. Filled in for Waller multiple times and probably would’ve surpassed him with time. I’m guessing he has more interest than what is being put out in the press. Hopefully he fights this off and can continue with his career.

  4. I always love to see/hear stories about young men coming back from cancer to be world class athletes. Marcus Cannon earned a couple of rings as a starter after beating cancer. These men are inspirational. I wish him success, so I can use that success to inspire others fighting the big C.

  5. Al Davis would have inked him the day after the finding. Come on Mark Davis; Get it together! #OnceaRaider

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