Schedule might not be ready for Thursday night

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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The NFL’s regular-season schedule for 2023 will be released on Thursday night. Unless it isn’t.

Peter King explains in his latest Football Morning in America column that, while the schedule is “still likely to be done” before Thursday night, he was told over the weekend that “it may not be finished in time.”

The sticking point, per King, are the various “mega-games”: Week One prime-time games, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, the Sunday night game on Christmas Eve, and the Monday tripleheader on Christmas.

King writes that Commissioner Roger Goodell will meet with the in-house scheduling crew on Monday afternoon, in an effort to provide more clarity to the “tentpole games.”

The best evidence that the announcement might not come on Thursday night is that we’ve yet to get the official announcement that the announcement is coming. Once we get the announcement about the announcement, we’ll know for sure that the announcement will soon be announced.

8 responses to “Schedule might not be ready for Thursday night

  1. So in short, we’ll watch this space for an announcement that the announcement has been announced. Got it.

  2. I was thinking that the announcement that announces the announcement typically is not made until the mon/tue immediately preceding the thursday announcement….which I always thought was too close to the announcement itself.

  3. They still have to figure out how to get the Jets on national TV every single week because of the overrated and over-the-hill Aaron Rodgers.

  4. Ugh. Stop screwing your traveling fans NFL. We have arrangements to make!

  5. The Christmas Eve game should be Colts vs Texans so we can turn off the TV and spend time with our families

  6. We know Jets, Broncos, Chiefs, Bills and Dallas will play Christmas day and Christmas Eve!

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