Trevor Siemian: I just wanted to find a good fit and Bengals checked the boxes

Chicago Bears v New York Jets
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After spending last season with the Bears, Trevor Siemian signed with the Bengals last week and is now a candidate to be Joe Burrow‘s backup in 2023.

Siemian has bounced around since the Broncos selected in him the seventh round of the 2015 draft. He said on Monday that he felt like Cincinnati was a good place to continue his career.

“I just think I just wanted to find a good fit. Somewhere I can come in and contribute,” Siemian said, via Ben Baby of ESPN. “This checked all those boxes.”

Siemian also feels good about the players he’ll have to throw to, with a receiving corps led by Ja'Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd.

“Those guys are talented,” Siemian said, via Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Probably the best group I’ve been around.”

Last season with Chicago, Siemian appeared in two games with one start. He completed 15-of-26 passes for 184 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

The Bengals also have Jake Browning on their roster at quarterback to potentially take over for Brandon Allen as the club’s backup QB. After three years with Cincinnati, Allen signed with San Francisco last week.

11 responses to “Trevor Siemian: I just wanted to find a good fit and Bengals checked the boxes

  1. He would’ve been the best QB in Green Bay, but the cupboard is bare there. Decided he would rather sit on the bench on a stacked team, then be apart of that dumpster fire.

  2. Dude we get it they’re the only team that would sign you at this point you are a 2-3 stringer now. Get your money

  3. As a QB, who wouldn’t want to throw the football to that receiver group?

  4. First time I saw Trevor Siemian…I thought he was the team dentist and/or team motivational speaker.

  5. Absolute best thing a qb can do after they give up on the idea that they can be a starter…go find a backup job in a high powered offense behind a starter that is going nowhere and hope he never gets hurt. Collect a couple of million a year for the next 5+ years and hold a clip board.

  6. bengal4573 says:
    May 8, 2023 at 12:40 pm
    Couldn’t be any worse than Brandon Allen

    I just want a guy that throws the ball if he ever sees the field. Every backup QB I’ve seen for this team for the past 5 years has to hand the ball off like he’s never learned how to throw a ball.

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