Jaxon Smith-Njigba: There’s no ceiling for me, potential of Seahawks offense is crazy

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Seahawks first-round pick Jaxon Smith-Njigba isn’t putting any limitations on himself entering his rookie season.

During an appearance on KJR after being drafted last month, Smith-Njigba said that he thinks “there’s no ceiling for me” as a wide receiver. That confidence extends to the offense he’s joining in Seattle as well.

Smith-Njigba will join DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett as quarterback Geno Smith‘s top targets on a unit that he thinks will find great success this fall.

“Those guys can do it all, but you just add another weapon that can do it all, I think it’s going to be dangerous,” Smith-Njigba said, via Michael-Shawn Dugar of TheAthletic.com. “Geno back there slinging it, the potential is crazy. The potential is crazy, and I love playing with great players. I’m blessed to be a Seahawk, and I’m blessed to play in that stadium in front of those fans. We’re gonna light it up for sure.”

The Seahawks made Smith-Njigba the first wideout off the board this year, so it’s safe to say that they agree with his view of what he brings to the table and hitting on that prediction should make for a difficult offense to stop in 2023.

14 responses to “Jaxon Smith-Njigba: There’s no ceiling for me, potential of Seahawks offense is crazy

  1. Someone tell this kid Geno’s his QB. He’ll change his tune real quick.

  2. Every year surprise teams make the playoffs. Last year was the Seahawks and Giants. This year look for New Orleans. Maybe Chicago? Seahawks and Giants-not sold on those.

  3. The Seahawks offense should be fine. They started 2 rookie tackles last year and an undersized center. Upgraded center, tackles will be that much better and they added a receiver who has potential to be their best. If Geno can play at the same level he did last year, they’re fine on offense. The worry comes in on the defense. Even as a Seahawk fan, I don’t think they did enough with their front 7 to be true contenders this year. A lot can happen still, but right now they look like a playoff contender, not a championship contender.

  4. While the ‘hawks have made huge strides as of late, they’re (as much as I hate to admit it) not quite on par with Frisco or Philly yet. Patience, grasshoppers. Give them another season and lets see what happens.

  5. Baring injury the Seahawks are set up to have one of the deadlier offenses in the league. They’ve got three WR’s that are each arguable #1 WR’s on most other teams. Two RB’s that are easily capable of 1000 yard seasons and dangerous breakaways on any play. Three TE’s that can both block and catch very well. Two young OT’s that are top 10 at their positions. A young and solid LG, And they just drafted the best college Center in the game. Oh yeah, they also have a Pro Bowl QB that had the highest completion percentage in the league without relying on a dump and run short passing game.

  6. Geno was a feel good story last year, no doubt.

    But…still…it’s Geno…behind a bottom-quarter-of-the-league offensive line, so…maybe we should tap the breaks just a little on the “no ceiling for me / crazy potential to this offense” rhetoric.

    I get the excitement, but…I don’t think that’s such an unreasonable request, is it?

  7. I’m glad he is optimistic. I’m optimistic. You’re optimistic! The whole NFL is optimistic!! Offseason is so much fun, isn’t it?

  8. But how good is he at stopping the run in the interior line?

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