Several games will again be announced, before the full schedule announcement

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
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One of these years, the NFL will realize that, in lieu of dropping the bulk of the regular-season schedule on a Thursday night, the league could take over a whole week of sports with the announcement of when games will happen — and of the networks on which they’ll be broadcast. For now, the league provides a limited taste.

Via Chief NFL Spokesman Brian McCarthy, several games will be announced before Thursday night.

On Wednesday, NFL Network and ESPN will announce the international games. Also on Wednesday, Amazon will announce the first-ever Black Friday game — and CBS and Fox will announce “select individual games” on their morning shows.

On Thursday, NBC and ABC will do the same as CBS and Fox on Wednesday; “select individual games” will be announced.

It would make sense to have, for example, the Amazon slate on a Monday, the Sunday night games on NBC on a Tuesday, the Monday night games on a Wednesday, the special holiday games on a Thursday morning, and then the rest of the schedule on Thursday night.

Own the whole week, NFL. Eventually, that’s the way it will be. It’s just a matter of time.

22 responses to “Several games will again be announced, before the full schedule announcement

  1. Please don’t encourage them. This is ridiculous. Some of us just want to make our travel plans without having to watch several different shows.

    I know that PFT will bring me the info that I need when it is available, so I’ll wait for that. Thank you.

  2. Law of diminishing returns. .05% of fans care this much about the schedule and will tune in to see it announced piecemeal in this way. The rest of us have lives to live.

    Humans can and will get tired of anything if it is forced in front of their faces incessantly. Yes, even the NFL.

  3. NFL just trying to fill that offseason programming. I don’t blame them. This probably doesn’t draw a lot of viewers, but they’re trying.

  4. Why wouldn’t you announce the Monday night games on a Monday and the Thursday night games on a Thursday? Come on man – lol

  5. This NFL trying to make the schedule release an event is hilarious. The greed never ends with these guys.

  6. Or we could just look at our phone to see the schedule and go on with our lives.

  7. The NFL draft is over….

    NBA/NHL playoffs are in full stride….

    MLB is almost at the 1/4 mark and the rule changes have made the game more exciting.

    The league will continue to draw fans into useless programming. And schedule games during days/times that are not convenient for everyone.

    Don’t worry though, the JEST will get their fill of primetime…….losing.

    Gotta have NY on TV.

  8. @ashley….

    Or watch none of it and make your travel plans on Friday.

  9. Some scheduling is set due to venue availability & other conflicting events. However, the guesswork and slow rollout on when a matchup will occur attracts little interest to the casual fan. The fact that I’m interested means I have a problem. So do you if you’re interested.

  10. Just schedule the damn games and move on. Your dramatics are not working with us!

  11. Say what you will about the NFL. But they sure know how to do the PR equivalent of squeezing gallons and gallons of blood from a turnip.

  12. And then will go back when they see the ratings go down once again,they trying to go global cause here in USA rating are dond if they keep up that trends they be gone soon,Rodger has to go

  13. “and then the rest of the schedule on Thursday night.”

    The last release would be anticlimactic as everyone knows all of the home and away opponents and could easily fill in those blanks.

  14. This year it is the morning shows announcing the schedule. Next year it will be the Kardashians. Come on man!

  15. its like the draft , in my mind the NFL has ruined it ….3 days ? come on one day is all you need

  16. What happened to the whole “NFL Schedule won’t be ready for release on Thursday” conspiracy?

  17. If fantasy football wasn’t huge, the NFL would have some serious issues.

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