Aaron Jones on Jordan Love: When he talks, everybody listens

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The Packers have spent the early weeks of their offseason program getting used to life with Jordan Love as the starting quarterback and Love said on Wednesday that one thing that’s changed with his new job is that he can be more vocal than he was as Aaron Rodgers‘ backup.

Love’s words are finding an audience. That was the message from running back Aaron Jones during his own press conference on Wednesday. While talking about Love, Jones said “when he talks, everybody listens” and explained why the quarterback has already won the “full trust” of his teammates.

“He believes in himself, first off,” Jones said. “That’s No. 1. You’ve got to believe in yourself or nobody else is going to believe in you. He believes in himself, he cares about everybody around him and we’ve seen him just come in consistently and just work, work, work. As an athlete, you want to come in and play right away. That wasn’t Jordan’s case, he didn’t have that opportunity. He did it the right way, he waited his time and you never heard one peep or complaint out of him.”

In addition to a new starter in Love, the Packers have a young receiving corps this year and Jones said he plans to make Love’s job running the offense easier by being “extra eyes and ears” on the field this season. The Packers also have AJ Dillon in the backfield and both players will likely be leaned on a lot as the Packers plot their new offensive course in 2023.

20 responses to “Aaron Jones on Jordan Love: When he talks, everybody listens

  1. A lot of people trying too hard to make Love seem relevant….

    Packers are in for some woeful seasons

  2. Until his career stats consist of more TDs than INTs anything you see and hear is hollow.

  3. jojomogir says:
    May 10, 2023 at 3:21 pm
    *When he starts losing, they’ll stop listening

  4. Look how much effort everyone is green bay is putting out right now during spring to say how Love is actually good using silly nothing burger details. Lolol. They need to prop him up in the worst of ways.

  5. The Love Train is going to be filling up quickly.
    Better get your seats now. Get on board.

  6. Love doesn’t need props to be better than any of the other starting quarterbacks in the NFCN. His self-confidence alone is a huge asset. I wonder if the haters predicting his demise can tell us how their team and quarterback will fare this upcoming season? Where are those predictions? Any Viking SuperBowls in those crystal balls?




  7. What you hear here is simply confidence based on closed door observations by fellow players and the front office. Organizations that do things right put their players in positions to succeed. Sitting behind Rodgers letting the game slow down gives Love the best chance to be successful. Far better than max paying a player from another team due to not being able to develop your own players. We’ll know soon enough if Love is a success story or the Packers are still looking for their next QB.

  8. Funny, didn’t look to me as if any fans of other teams above have said either that their QBs were better than Love or that their teams would be better than the Pack — just that there’s a lot of internal promotion going on over there. Those ain’t predictions. They’re facts.

  9. Love already living in the heads of Vikings, Lions and Bears fans, LOL.

  10. The fear and anxiety among the rest of the NFC North fans is almost palpable.
    They keep affirming Jordan Love’s imminent demise without a shred of evidence either way.

    Though my confidence in Tom Clements and Matt LaFleur to get the most out of this kid is high, I’m not about to hazard a guess just how good/bad Jordan Love’s career as a starter in this league will be.
    It’s silly to even try until we have a decent sample size to make a fair and accurate judgement.
    But, the clowns still need to be heard.
    Or are they just trying to convince themselves. 🤣

    The reaction from the assorted Barneys, as well as the rest of the haters, is absolutely delicious though. 😋

  11. Amazing how many people who post on here are certain Love will bust. Is it possible? Of course. But for certain? Far from it. All those people do is demonstrate how little they actually know about developing a player. And how much they want the Packers and Love to fail because they are jealous and petty.

  12. Holy cow, it is a full on promotional campaign these days from the Packers for Jordan Love.

    By the end of May we’ll be hearing from the Packers’ equipment guy about how Love placed his hands on his eyes, the scales fell and for the first time in years he could see.

  13. Nobody knows anything about Jordan Love’s ability to lead the Green Bay Packers to where they want to be except the Packers organization and Jordan Love. Go ahead and fluff him up desperately to your heart’s content Packers’ fan or call the guy a bust before ever seeing the field as the QB1 you mean old “haters”, but the Packers have already spoke the truth without saying a word in their faith in Love. The Packers gave Jordan Love a 2 year contract that is riddled with incentive boosters that at it’s max will pay Love 15 million in guarantees and in total 24 million over 2 years if he becomes the next Rogers or Farve. Do the math Packers’ fans, that a 12 million average per year. The Packers have zero faith in Love and apparently Jordan Love has zero faith in Jordan Love for excepting a offer that would be insulting if Jordan was any good. This is a 2 year mabey the guy surprises us and magically becomes a great QB kinda deal at best or Love is a low cost bridge to give the Packers more time to find a real serviceable alternative at starting QB.

  14. I hope we rip out 3 wins in a row right off the bat, just to shut everybody up…

  15. This just in…the parking attendant at the Packer’s training facility said Jordan loves looks better than ever and is making great strides this spring

  16. Holy cow there are a lot of Packers fans on here. This guy hasn’t done jack in the NFL and all the Packers fans are butt hurt that no one outside of Wisconsin believes in this guy the way they do. Good luck with that.

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