Chiefs’ L’Jarius Sneed: Tyreek Hill is talking trash, we’ll see when he comes to Arrowhead

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill vowed last month to be the Chiefs’ “worst enemy” when he and his team visit Kansas City this season. Chiefs cornerback L'Jarius Sneed says he and his teammates will be ready.

Sneed said on NFL Network that he and his teammates are well aware of what Hill has said about facing them.

“Tyreek’s been talking a lot of trash,” Sneed said. “He’s been talking a lot about coming back to Arrowhead. We’ll show him when he gets here.”

Sneed said he has been following Hill’s comments.

“I don’t really get into it, but I take notes of what he said,” Sneed said. “I’ve been on the internet and I see what he’s saying. We’ll see once he comes to Arrowhead.”

The Dolphins-Chiefs game is an intriguing one, and we’ll find out on Thursday night when we’ll get to see Hill make his return to Kansas City.

26 responses to “Chiefs’ L’Jarius Sneed: Tyreek Hill is talking trash, we’ll see when he comes to Arrowhead

  1. What a refreshing change from all the buddy-buddy, brotherhood, “He’s my dog!” stuff.
    Good to see some good old trash talk. It’s not exactly Joe Kapp and Deacon Jones, but it’s progress.

  2. Wouldn’t you think Hill would be grateful to an organization that made him rich and famous? Oh right. I forgot that no one in sports is ever grateful.

  3. There’s nothing more embarrassing than grown men acting like five year olds. “Speak softly and carry a big a big stick; you will go far.”

  4. Tyreek always says he owes someone something and then never shows up. Sneed gets destroyed anytime a top WR comes through. Something has to give. One of them actually has to live up to their word.

  5. Interesting…

    He doesn’t really get into it…

    Yet he “takes notes on what he said”


    Comments to the press about it.

  6. Sounds like Hill is doing exactly what he intended, he has gotten under Sneed skin.

  7. I’ve had an email from nfl Germany saying the game is there , so looking like he won’t be going back to Arrowhead after all

  8. This story got cold quick, they are playing in Germany and not KC this year.

  9. Tyreek got paid.
    He also got to watch his former team win a Superbowl.
    He has no reason to be mad, except for himself, because he got what he asked for.
    Maybe look in the mirror

  10. To bad three isn’t coming back to arrowhead. Dolphins play the chiefs in Germany in week 9

  11. To bad tyreek isn’t coming to arrowhead. Dolphins are playing chiefs week 9 in Germany

  12. Why can’t Tyreek just shut up once and for all?
    Just focus on his playing and not worry about being the next great Dive at wide receiver.

    The stuff he said last year quickly turned to bitter ash once Tyreek realized that the Chiefs were just fine without him and possibly a little less predictable. He leaves the team and everyone in the media reports that chiefs will have problems on the offense , may lose the AFC west to the chargers or the “reinvigorated” Wilson led Broncos …

    He can have those stats and be all about himself every game always getting upset when 12 balls come his way instead of 15 or 16 …
    Meanwhile in Kansas City we all know how it ended – another Super Bowl win for Mahomes , Reid, Kelce etc ….

  13. Well Said Mr. Sneed. I am glad you responded but didn’t talk trash with Tyreek.

    As a Chiefs fan, I personally think Tyreek regrets leaving the Chiefs and Even though the Chiefs won a super bowl without him, He won’t stop running his mouth as long as he is in the league.

  14. Who do the dolphins have that can throw to Tyreek? As long as they don’t man up they’ll be fine. And if they do man up just cover the short to intermediate routes, Tua will under throw anything over 20 yards. Tyreek is most dangerous after the catch, and of course with a QB that has a cannon, but he doesn’t have that, so that’s not an issue.

  15. I have had Hill talking smack on my team before. Its annoying as hell listening to him and even more so when he backs it up on the field.

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