Eagles host 49ers in Week 13 rematch of NFC Championship

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
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The number 13 will be lucky for the 49ers, if they have a QB1.

Or a QB2. Or a QB3.

The NFL has announced that the NFC Championship rematch will happen in Week 13, with the Eagles hosting San Francisco at 4:25 p.m. ET.

With the game being in December, as the season turns toward the homestretch, the fumes from January’s matchup will have dissipated by then. The 49ers still believe that, but for the elbow injury suffered by quarterback Brock Purdy, they would have won the game.

And maybe they would have. There would be no way of knowing. Unless we can play that specific game between those specific teams again.

By Week 13, it will be two different teams in two different circumstances. They’re the best two teams in the conference, on paper. By December, there will be a lot more than paper to help fill in the gaps.

49 responses to “Eagles host 49ers in Week 13 rematch of NFC Championship

  1. As a Niner fan of course we want this game, but I don’t want to see any crying if we lose again.

  2. Hope it’s heck of a battle. I’m sure the winner would be a favorite to go to the Super Bowl.

  3. Hopefully they both will be fully healthy so there’s no excuse making for the loser

  4. So I have some time left to prepare for the next round of Forty Whiner excuses for getting smoked.

  5. The niners get a break (by NFL design?); Purdy should be healthy before then and have started several games.

  6. Niners might have a QB by then. It won’t matter. Eagles will run the ball down their throats again. Philly 33 Niners 9

  7. Why play a game like this so late in the year when injuries have taken their toll? Should have been week 1-3 on Prime Time. Fail

  8. That’s a “PULL UP” “body bag” game

    Hopefully both teams are healthy and peaking for that playoff run

  9. Lions @ Chiefs week 1 to kickoff the season! The Lions are finally getting respect

  10. Once again Philly gets home field advantage, this time without earning it. Would have loved to see it at Levi’s.

  11. Eh just another game for the eagles. I’d say should be good practice getting ready for the playoff stretch run but that gives shanahan about 3 months to get at least 1 QB hurt, thus working in a built in excuse for deebo samuel to continue to run with

  12. It’s true, there is no way of knowing. But there is a lot of reason to think the outcome would have been no different. The 49ers didn’t show anything in that game that made them look remotely competitive. We were all over Brock prior to his injury. And their defense just utterly collapsed. That would be like us complaining about the field conditions in the Super Bowl. Sure, it impacted us. But the other team was playing on the same surface. We didn’t adjust. Neither did the 49ers. Maybe try having a plausible back up if you’re going into a championship game.

  13. Fantastic…now we all get to listen to them come up with excuses for another offseason as to why the can’t stop a pass rush.

  14. 40Whiners fans haven’t stopped crying since the moment their coach thought it was a good idea to block Haason Reddick with a TE2. The Eagles destroyed them in every facet of the game.

  15. Can’t wait to see what the forty whiners complain about after getting blown out this game.

  16. Rematch is such a misnomer. Different players; different stadiums; different year. Do not overhype.

  17. Eagles were winning that game no matter what. They need to stop crying

  18. Can’t come quick enough. What will be your excuse this time Deebo ??? 49ers will get pounded in philly.

  19. The Niners were not going to win last year’s NFC Championship even with Purdy. Their defense had no answers either. After being called “trash” by Deebo Samuel, I suspect Bradberry will be extra motivated for week 13. I suspect these two teams are going to meet again in the playoffs as they are clearly the two most talented rosters.

  20. Wow, week 13! That means the Eagles get to continue to live rent free inside the 49ers heads for at least another 7 months! lol

  21. May both teams be healthy and at their best. Maybe then Eagles fans won’t have to suffer Deebo Samuel’s whining.

  22. Great, now we have to hear Deebo b**tch and moan for 7 more months about how his team was robbed. Hey Deebs, you lost. Your O Line and Tight End let Reddick blow by them for a sack. And your vaunted D couldn’t stop the Birds offense. To put it in simple terms, YOUR TEAM WAS NOT BETTER, AND STILL ISN’T!

  23. Eagles will win easily, niners overrated last year (look at the schedule) biggest concern is they have NO QB. And dont give me that Purdy will be back and starting in this game…Brock Purdy aint Tom Brady, no late round saviour GOAT type, he just isnt.

  24. Already have forty WHINER fans making excuses about home field advantage

    The birds will beat them in the parking lot of any WaMart in the country…Philly is even more motivated then last year’s team that beat them…badly. C’mon Deebo

  25. The NFL should have scheduled this game in the first quarter of the year. Santa Clara may not have a viable QB in week 13 and we’ll have to listen to the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s all over again.

  26. Hilarious to see eagles fans posting about crying and excuses when they cried endlessly about the refs and turf after the superbowl 🤣

  27. PhD says:
    May 10, 2023 at 11:33 pm
    Once again Philly gets home field advantage, this time without earning it. Would have loved to see it at Levi’s.

    – – – – – – – – – – –

    They will have another chance to earn home field again this year. They couldn’t do it last year despite being in a weaker division. Y’all act like Purdy is a proven commodity, we thought the same thing about Wentz after one year. Pretty sure that’s why they continue to load up on defense. And what are the odds that CMC isn’t on IR by week 13, like he usually is?

  28. Let’s remember: Total yards for Philly in the Champ game was 270. Total. 120 passing.

    Iggle fans know this. They try to cover up their fear, but deep down inside, they know what’s gonna happen. They are going to get beat, at home, just like they would have if Purdy wasn’t injured.

  29. All of the PHILTHY fans are talking trash. You would think that they won the Super Bowl. They had the easiest schedule in the league and will get exposed this year.

  30. Couple of things here. First Deebo was responding to a question. He’s not out there just talking smack. He answered the question so it’s not whining; it’s answering.

    Second, it was a 14-7 game late in the first half. 49ers were holding their own with defense and Josh Johnson at QB. Johnson fumbled a snap in in his own end and that tilted it in the Eagles favor. The fact the 49ers then had to play without a QB for the rest of the game ended it.

    Who knows how the game would have turned out if Purdy hadn’t been injured, but the 49ers would have had a good chance to win and the game would have been a heck of a lot closer.

    If both teams make it to that point in contention and relatively healthy, it should be a great game.

  31. The whiners did nothing to improve their porous offensive line, should be on quarterback 3 by week 13.

  32. The whiners did nothing to improve their porous offensive line, should be on quarterback 3 by week 13.

    Their interior Oline was all new starters last year and they held their own. Will be better this year. They also like the guy they have developed for the last years taking over at RT. We don’t know until we see it, but the Oline will be more experienced overall and should be a better unit than last season.

  33. I hope that both teams are fully healthy for that game.

    While Deebo was correct that if Purdy hadn’t gotten injured, the outcome may have been different, he should have kept that to himself. He came off as a whiner. Now, Deebo will get a chance to put up…..or shut up.

  34. I love the smack talk between Niner and Eagles fans. I hope this develops into a great rivalry. The best NFL games to watch are when teams that hate each other play each other.

  35. I did a quick word search of this comment section and counted the following:

    1) The word “excuse” appeared 9 times
    2) The word “Deebo” appeared 9 times
    3) The word “cry” appeared 7 times
    4) The word “whine” appeared 7 times
    5) The word “complain” appeared 2 times

    Sadly, this is the new narrative for the 49ers. Instead of being talked about as one of the best teams in football (which they are), the name 49ers is now synonymous with words like whine, cry, complain and excuse.

  36. PhD says:
    May 10, 2023 at 11:33 pm
    Once again Philly gets home field advantage, this time without earning it. Would have loved to see it at Levi’s.

    226Rate This

    Typical 49ers fan. Already have your excuse lined up. That’s the way the home and away schedule works out whiny.

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