Jordan Love calls Aaron Rodgers’ extension last year “the hardest time” as he faced uncertain future

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Jordan Love thought this day would never come.

Love, whom the Packers drafted in the first round in 2020, had his first news conference since becoming the team’s starting quarterback. He played only 10 games, with one start, in three seasons sitting behind Aaron Rodgers.

One month after repeating as league MVP, Rodgers signed a three-year extension with the Packers on March 15, 2022.

“I’ll admit: I think the hardest time was when he re-signed the contract last year,” Love said, via Bill Huber of “It was like, ‘OK, well, where do we go from here? What do I do?’

“And I think I sat back, thought to myself and just came back with the approach, like, ‘Let’s just go ball out any opportunity I get. I’m going to get preseason and who knows what happens after that, so just grow and try and become the best version of myself. I can’t really control what happens after that, so let it play out.’”

Love, who has thrown 83 passes with three touchdowns and three interceptions, admits it was “very hard’ to be patient.

His patience paid off.

Love has the starting job, a contract extension through 2024 and the full support of teammates and coaches after the Packers’ trade of Rodgers to the Jets.

“Obviously, you want to be the guy,” Love said. “Everybody wants to be the guy. Everybody wants to be on the field making plays. So, it’s not easy, but it was the situation I was put in. It was really nothing I could do about it. I say all the time: Control what I can control, and all I can control with that situation is how I approach every day, how I learn, how I grow and how I get myself ready if my name’s called.”

The Packers finally have called Love’s name. It’s his job. It’s his team. It’s his time.

“I’ve always been a big believer in myself,” Love said.

30 responses to “Jordan Love calls Aaron Rodgers’ extension last year “the hardest time” as he faced uncertain future

  1. It’s not my money, but even mediocre QB play and he makes 25-30 million next year.
    He bet against himself; better to do that when you’re older.
    Go for broke when you’re young!

  2. And then he spontaneously acquired the ability to read a defense and release the ball to the barely open receiver in .8 seconds?

  3. Jordan Love has a worse offensive supporting cast than Justin Fields did last year. Think about that.

  4. The only question here is. Will he be an even bigger bust than Mac Jones? He will definitely be a bust, but will it be to the extreme bust level as Mac Jones. That is the question

  5. “Love has the starting job, a contract extension through 2024 and the full support of teammates and coaches after the Packers’ trade of Rodgers to the Jets.”

    That is a bit of a stretch. The team didn’t even pick up his 5th year option which would have been better than the extension.

  6. Ball out any opportunity. He had an opportunity, didn’t ball out. Bad feeling, but I guess we deserve it after all these years of wasting hall of fame QBs.

  7. I see many comments on here from NFC North division rivals claiming that the Packer organization and fans are predicting nothing but HOF success for Jordan Love. That’s simply not true. The organization has tempered expectations very much and long time Packer fans have no illusions that this will be, in all probablity, a tough, learning year. Packer fans want to see a tough, determined, competitive football team. The Packers do not have to make the playoffs for the year to be a success, but they do need to find out what they have in the nucleus of this team. That’s what this year is about.

  8. “I’ve always been a big believer in myself,” Love said
    They why take that contract extension where you’ll wind up with less money if you are good in return for gaurenteed money if you are bad?

  9. Best of luck young man. We’d sure be lucky if hes even average with how we’ve been spoiled.

  10. Wish this kid all the best. GB might not be the ideal place, but 2 things going for him, Green Bay has:

    1. rabidly loyal fan base
    2. traditionally patient mgmt / FO

    The single most important aspect of JL’s success (above & beyond what he himself can control) is the GB defense.

    If Joe Barry remains DC, & if that D continues to lay stinking putrid terds every time they take the field (like they did for the entirety of the 2022 season), the young fella’s gonna need a LOT of luck.

  11. As many have said, this situation isn’t Love’s fault. He’s handled it as well as possible. He didn’t draft himself. He didn’t sign Rodgers to a mega extension. He didn’t draft the roster around him. He comes across as a nice guy who you can’t help but root for to some degree. We should all be lucky enough to get millions of $$ to be in a frustrating professional situation, so he’s not pity worthy, but GB hasn’t done him a ton of favors and the whole process has been pretty clunky and obviously not planned well. Wish him nothing but success.

  12. I do not believe there could be any better answer than Love offered to his situation. Performance is the end-game of preparation. Green Bay fans will support Jordan Love. With his patience and hard work, he has earned the job.

  13. NFCN will be interesting this season. The Packers have a lot to prove. The Lions shot themselves in the foot as usual, they lost their best WR for 6 games, had a terrible draft and their HC thinks an old injured QB in the 3rd was a great move. The Vikings have to start over again sooner than later as they missed their window. And the Bears had a great draft and built the best WR core in the division. Still remains to be seen if Fields can start passing….

    Anyone’s division.

  14. Packers really f with their QBs. I would probably play out the tags and find a more QB friendly team if I’m Love.

  15. Love should just keep his mouth shut and work hard. Repeat the Bill Durham line. Quotes like this will not help him or the team.

  16. “Love” his comments – pun intended. Time to see if the results are good, average or simply bad.

  17. Haha…..his hardest time will be dealing with the GB fans when he has led the team to 1-10 and they are calling for his replacement

  18. It took him 83 passes to get 3TDs??? I guess that’s better than Fields at least.

  19. I’m still waiting for the negative amateur fortune tellers that seem to have Jordan Love all figured out, to share their prognostications of their own teams. Is this the year the Vikings win the SuperBowl?




  20. A lot of what ifs in Green Bay this year. In Minnesota, at least we know what we have . . . a high paid QB who can’t get us to the promised land.

  21. The fear and anxiety among the rest of the NFC North fans is almost palpable.
    They keep affirming Jordan Love’s imminent demise without a shred of evidence either way.

    Though my confidence in Tom Clements and Matt LaFleur to get the most out of this kid is high, I’m not about to hazard a guess just how good/bad Jordan Love’s career as a starter in this league will be.
    It’s silly to even try until we have a decent sample size to make a fair and accurate judgement.
    But, the clowns still need to be heard.
    Or are they just trying to convince themselves. 🤣

    The reaction from the assorted Barneys, as well as the rest of the haters, is absolutely delicious though. 😋

  22. toothfairyretributionmanifesto says:
    May 11, 2023 at 9:44 am
    It took him 83 passes to get 3TDs??? I guess that’s better than Fields at least.

    Is it? Compare both players second season. Love on a much better team with a much better weapons (Adams) and a much better line threw a TD every 31 pass attempts. Fields with likely the worst group of wide receivers in the league and the worst line (4th most sacks, but sacked once every 6.5 attempts vs. once every 9.5 average of the 3 w more sacks) threw a TD once every 18.7 (only a handful of qb’s better w this stat). BTW, GB in Love’s second year (2021) allowed a sack every 17.98 attempts. Let’s see what Fields does in year 3 w a better receiving core and hopefully an improved offensive line.

  23. Sweetpercyz, your stats are meaningless.
    Jordan Love has spent the last 3 seasons running the scout team in Green Bay.
    His one and only start was on just 3 days notice, the rest has been in cleanup duty.
    Hardly fair to compare the two when Fields is getting the lion’s share of first team reps the last two seasons.
    Let’s cut Love some slack and see how well he does now that he’s entrenched as the starter, then maybe we can honestly critique the two against one another. 😉

  24. Love has the Vikings, Lions and Bear fans going bonkers already. The mere suggestion he might be successful has them reaching for ait-sick bags…it’s so entertaining. And those that claim he undoubtedly, unequivocally will be a bust are the best…their insecurity level is off the charts amusing. Please, continue to count the Packers out.

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