Kevin O’Connell on Dalvin Cook: “They’re still working through some things”

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When the question for Vikings coach Kevin O’Connell focused on the future of receiver Justin Jefferson, there was no equivocation. As to running back Dalvin Cook, the situation continues to be a bit murkier.

During Thursday’s visit to #PFTPM, O’Connell specifically was asked about Cook’s unsettled contract situation.

“I tend to let [G.M.] Kwesi [Adofo-Mensah] and [executive V.P. of football operations] Rob [Brzezinski] work through things, you know, contractually or whatever may be there,” O’Connell said. “I can just tell you what Dalvin meant to me, not only in year one as one of our core leaders of our team, but also just the impact he had on the field.

“His consistency, his toughness, durability, playing through some different things, and consistently being out there for us in critical moments and just some of the huge plays that he made right alongside Kirk [Cousins] and Justin [Jefferson] and the rest of our offensive players, really will never be lost on me.

“But we want what’s best for Dalvin and Dalvin knows that, and we continue to work through you know that situation knowing that the respect that the Minnesota Vikings and our organization have for Dalvin has been earned, but it’s more than that. We care about obviously the player and ultimately, he’s under contract and very much something that you know I don’t take for granted having had Dalvin Cook on this team and what that’s meant to me as a coach here in year one. We’ll see where things go here the rest of the offseason. They’re still you know working through some things, and I’m sure we’ll come to a great resolution. And if that means Dalvin Cook is still playing running back for the Vikings, that’s something that will be a really good thing for me as the head coach and play caller.”

Obviously, the situation remains in flux. Cook has a salary of $10.4 million in 2023, $2 million of which is fully guaranteed and subject to offset.

It’s unclear when the situation will be resolved. The longer the Vikings wait, the harder it will be for Cook to generate money that matches or surpasses whatever the Vikings are willing to offer below the $10.4 million he’s due to earn.

17 responses to “Kevin O’Connell on Dalvin Cook: “They’re still working through some things”

  1. Has he lost a step? A little burst? Sure. Hard to dispute that. But that alone doesn’t knock him out of being one of the top ten RBs in the league. If the money works, I’d love to see him stay put for one more year, but I am sure it’s a matter of money for both sides right now.

    On the flip side, I am also curious what Mattison could do in an RB1 role. Good north south runner, hits the hole hard. Some point to his low YPA, but he’s almost always thrust into goal line and short yardage situations. Curious to see how far that number would climb if he was given 20-25 touches a game.

  2. I’ve heard rumors from people linked to Dolphin press that Cook is heading to Miami via a package type trade post June 1st. The Viking GM Adofo-Mensah & Dolphin GM Grier are just ironing out the fine print. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me – Cook is a great all around RB & he’s been a force in the passing game…plus he’s an excellent security blanket to protect Tua’s blindside. Wish my Bills could swoop in an make & offer! 🫣

  3. Too bad for them that the Rams don’t have any first round picks until 2035.

  4. He’s not worth a penny more than $4M. He’s not all that good and it would be easy to use a younger rookie plus Mattison. I hope he does go to Miami.

  5. Some of us just aren’t that obsessed with keeping Dalvin in the purple and gold at his going rate.

  6. If they can’t work out a trade, I would like to keep Dalvin for $4 million or less. Otherwise, just let him go and let’s see what these young guys can do.

  7. If the Vikings fixated this much on every player they slightly overpaid, Kwesi and Rob would be working 24/7, 365. Sure, he’s probably overpaid by $2-3 million but he isn’t the first player who is and won’t be the last.

  8. Always been a Dalvin fan but I believe it’s time for him and the Vikes to part ways. His salary is just too high and he’s made it clear he won’t consider redoing his contract and taking a pay cut.

  9. Of course Dalvin is a good to great player, thing is his position is not worth what he’s being paid.

  10. Just the start of it. The Vikings will need to cut vets so they can afford to pay JJ so he can continue to produce his 3 catch, 15 yd performance in big games, for years to come.

  11. Maybe if the Vikings cut Cook, the NFL will finally get around to punishing him for his misogynistic and brutal assaults on the women in his life. 🤷‍♂️

  12. I hope they can keep him at least get something in trade for him. Seems like a travesty to cut him. I’ll argue that, barring injury of course, he is still a top 5 back.

  13. It’s very evident from O’Connell’s response that Cook is out. The Vikings are still trying to get something in return, but that may not come to fruition. Either way, it will be a post-June 1 transaction and give the Vikings the cap space they need to sign their draft picks and maybe one or two players who get cut by other teams out of camp.

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