Kyler Murray donates $15,000 to 6-year-old who lost his family in Allen shooting

Eight Dead After Shooting At Outlet Mall In Texas
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Kyler Murray used his social media platform to sound off about the “sickening” mass shooting in Allen, Texas, where he played high school football.

The Cardinals quarterback then quietly did more.

Murray donated $15,000 to a fundraiser benefitting a 6-year old whose parents and younger brother were killed in the mass shooting Saturday. Cindy, Kyu and 3-year-old James Cho were among eight victims killed by the gunman.

Family members wrote on the page that William, the only surviving member of the family, was released from the ICU and is “recovering well.”

The GoFundMe, which had a $50,000 goal, has raised more than $1.657 million for William. More than 32,000 people have donated, with Murray as the top donor.

11 responses to “Kyler Murray donates $15,000 to 6-year-old who lost his family in Allen shooting

  1. Prayers up for that young boy. I couldn’t imagine being 6YRs old and losing your entire family. Hopefully a wealthy family adopts that young kid and helps him through life and the tough times he has ahead. Someone needs to look out for him.

  2. In 2023, Murray will earn a base salary of $2,000,000, a signing bonus of $36,000,000 and a workout bonus of $1,000,000.

    16k huh? Wow.

  3. Way to go Kyler.

    Good for you man. This young boy will need all the help he can get.

  4. Good on him. Hope William is surrounded with the love and support he will need.

  5. If folks trash him for his study and locker-room habits, they should similarly praise his charitable kindness.

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