Nathaniel Hackett says his respect for Robert Saleh is why he wanted the Jets OC job

Los Angeles Rams vs the Denver Broncos on Christmas Day
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Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett wasn’t sure what his future would hold when the Broncos fired him as head coach last year, but when Jets head coach Robert Saleh called, he knew what he wanted to do.

Hackett said Saleh has built “a great staff, a great group of men” in New York and that he was proud that Saleh wanted him to be a part of it.

“Robert, he’s the guy that I respected for so long after working with him and now what he has done in his career,” Hackett said, via the New York Daily News. “I have some great memories from when my dad [Paul Hackett] was here [as offensive coordinator from 2001 to 2004]. Back then, with Chad Pennington, Curtis Martin, Kevin Mawae and that crew winning the division, those were some great times. I think all those things added up and I think it made it right for me and my family.”

Hackett and Saleh were both on the Jaguars’ staff in 2015 and 2016, and Saleh hopes Hackett can do for the Jets’ offense what Mike LaFleur, who left after last season, could not. It helps that Hackett has Aaron Rodgers, who has said that Hackett being there was part of the appeal when he asked to be traded to the Jets. After a disappointing year in Denver last year, Hackett thinks he’s working with the right people in Rodgers and Saleh.

12 responses to “Nathaniel Hackett says his respect for Robert Saleh is why he wanted the Jets OC job

  1. Wanted?! As if he had a line of jobs to choose from. Give me a break. At this point the only thing Hack can say is that he almost got A Rod to Denver but had to settle for Wilson…

  2. It’s going to be interesting to watch. Hackett’s tight with Rodgers now but what happens if the offense struggles? Does Rodgers turn on him or does he try to spin it as being the fault of Saleh or teammates? Because guaranteed Rodgers isn’t going to take responsibility and admit he’s the problem.

  3. Translation: thank you Robert and Aaron for keeping me from
    Getting thrown out of the league after my disgusting performance in Denver

  4. The only reason they came looking for Hack is because the front office was told that A Rod wasn’t coming if he wasn’t the OC. Point blank. Miss me with all of the Saleh love and respect drama. You lucked out.

  5. Saleh’s complete lack of knowledge in Offense, Hackett’s total desperation to get a job in the NFL after his Denver debacle and the usual Jet buffoonery brought this together. Can’t wait for Episode 1 of this clown show in September

  6. I assume that the untold element of the story is that he doesn’t need the job, since he’ll get paid for the remaining 3 years of his contract with the Broncos regardless.

  7. I’ll respect Adam Gase and Jeff Fisher if they give me a job paying many hundreds of thousands, for few years guaranteed.

  8. Must be nice to keep getting jobs even though you were run out of town for being a terrible, awful, no good, ugly,incompetent coach

  9. Hackett and Rodgers are a couple guys with chips on their shoulders this year……should be fun to watch

  10. Who is going to keep Rodgers under control? He will be undermining both coaches before camp even gets started.

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