Sixth-round picks Bryce Baringer, Demario Douglas agree to terms

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The Patriots have contracts completed with two more of their 11 draft picks.

Punter Bryce Baringer and receiver Demario Douglas, both sixth-round picks, have agreed to terms, Aaron Wilson of KPRC reports.

Baringer will sign a four-year, $4.018 million deal that includes a $178,456 signing bonus. Douglas will receive a four-year, $3.973 million contract with a $133,332 signing bonus.

Baringer was the 192nd overall selection and Douglas followed 18 picks later.

Sixth-round receiver Kayshon Boutte and fifth-round guard Atonio Mafi previously agreed to terms on their four-year rookie contracts.

The teams’ other selections were Oregon cornerback Christian Gonzalez (first round), Georgia Tech defensive end Keion White (second round), Sacramento State safety Marte Mapu (third round), Troy center Jake Andrews (fourth round), Eastern Michigan guard Sidy Sow (fourth round), Michigan State cornerback Ameer Speed (sixth round) and Jackson State cornerback Isaiah Bolden (seventh round).

3 responses to “Sixth-round picks Bryce Baringer, Demario Douglas agree to terms

  1. Most drafts are overrated, especially 1st round picks. For decades we were told, in the face of common sense, that teams draft the best available player and the rating systems are a reliable, if not an exact, science. That was all bs.

    Bill clearly drafts for need and value. He’s known to reach for guys he wants but did the opposite with Gonzalez who he risked losing. He loaded up with picks, targeting defense at the top of the draft with 3 choices that look solid. In the middle rounds he concentrated on OL depth with guys he expects new coach Klemm can mold. He also filled in holes in special teams. In the late rounds he took flyers on high risk choices with high level of talent but issues.

    Who knows what the hits and misses will be but this was, in my mind, a well executed draft plan.

  2. Everyone and anyone knows (except Bill) that your offense cannot score without a solid line. He drafted a center when he needs at least two tackles and one guard. Never mind that stud receiver for now, remember who is throwing to him wouldn’t help Randy Moss. Huge failure on draft picks, but Belichick must envision a lot of 12-7 victories

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