When will the Cowboys host the Jets?

Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers
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One of the most intriguing questions for the 2023 schedule was whether Mike McCarthy and the Cowboys would host Aaron Rodgers and the Jets on Thanksgiving. That game would have generated one of the biggest regular-season ratings in years.

Now, with the Jets hosting the Dolphins on Black Friday, a Jets-Cowboys game on Thanksgiving is off the table.

So when will the Jets and Cowboys play in Dallas?

Could it be the following Thursday night on Amazon, with the Cowboys getting a full week to get ready and the Jets having six days? Could it be on a Sunday night? A Monday night?

With the 4:30 p.m. ET game on Thanksgiving out of the mix, it can happen on any of the networks that carry NFL games. And everyone one of them will want it.

Barring a leak (which is entirely possible), we’ll finally know tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. ET. Whenever it happens, the audience will be massive.

12 responses to “When will the Cowboys host the Jets?

  1. Cowboys gonna do what the Cowboys gonna do………..lose to A-Aron yet again.

  2. ———————–
    Comrade Trump says:
    May 10, 2023 at 11:24 am
    Cowboys gonna do what the Cowboys gonna do………..lose to A-Aron yet again.
    I hate you for saying that, but you are probably right. Always find a way to lose

  3. Before Rodgers went to New York, skip bayless was trying to get Rodgers traded to the cowboys in a Rodgers for Dak swap. It was pretty hilarious how skip couldn’t think through the very simple fact that the cowboys head coach is Mike mcarthy

  4. Go ahead and mark that as a Jets victory, regardless of what las vegas says.

  5. Another embarrassing prime time loss for America’s Overrated Team.

  6. Boys will win this one. Jets arent going to win very many games next year. I still see 7-8 wins maybe less.

  7. McCarthy wants to run the ball. Well, not really, but with Prescott under center what choice does he really have?

  8. This article is an example of why dallas is always overhyped. Why do we care when or of cowboys play jets? Maybe you should write an article about when Rams will play giants

  9. I couldn’t think of ten other matchups before I ever was hope to see Cowboys v Jets

  10. In typical fashion, the Cowbowys would lose an ugly one like 14-10 but looking at Dak’s stats you’d think they must have scored 50.

  11. When should the Cowboys host the Jets?
    Some time in the distant past when they were both relevant.

  12. Now the Cowboys don’t have to wait until the playoffs to lose to Rodgers.

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