Aaron Donald on Sean McVay: We all went through the struggles of 2022

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After the Rams finished the 2022 season 5-12, there was some question as to whether Sean McVay would return as the team’s head coach.

McVay cleared that up within a week of the season ending, with Los Angeles announcing on Friday, Jan. 13 that McVay had informed the club of his intention to stay. But McVay was still particularly open about the struggles he was having throughout the year.

Speaking with the media for the first time since last season, defensive tackle Aaron Donald expressed understanding for what McVay was going through when asked about his head coach.

“You love him,” Donald said in his press conference. “Obviously, we all went through that. It was a big shock to us all, coming off the year we had into last year. It was different. But it’s a lot of things you can learn from, from a personal standpoint, even a mental standpoint. It’s just a game. You can’t try to put too much in it.

“As much as we put all this time into it and as much effort as we put into be the best that we can be, and it doesn’t turn out to how you want it to be, it just comes with it. Everything isn’t going to be perfect all the time. And that was just more of like a learning experience last year if anything.”

While Donald missed much of last season due to injury and the club moved on from several veteran defensive players, Donald said he didn’t really consider retiring this offseason.

So, the Rams will move forward with McVay, Donald, quarterback Matthew Stafford, and receiver Cooper Kupp as their leaders and will look to have a much better season in 2023.

3 responses to “Aaron Donald on Sean McVay: We all went through the struggles of 2022

  1. Most NFL fans seem to hate the Rams. I love that fans think of us as the villains. We’re going to have a great season this year and we will make a run in the playoffs. The only area I’m really concerned about is the offensive line. The draft addressed that a little, but we still need a couple of more studs in there.

  2. With McVay’s coaching and if they can stay healthy the Rams will be the 2023 come back team of the year.

  3. I’m afraid the Rams need a younger good QB. Stafford is fine, but older and will likely get injured again. Also they have Kupp and nothing else now. They think Akers will be good. I disagree strongly! They didn’t address WR. At all. They have only one worth anthing at all. I fail to see how they can think they have a chance. Unless they find a really good WR out of nowhere (and Hopkins playing in their division means he’s not walking through their door), they will have a really bad year yet again. Too cheap and too dumb to get a WR which is by far their main problem. Then they let Ramsey go. No chance to win. Disappointment.

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