Bucs RB coach Skip Peete: Ezekiel Elliott has to see that he’ll play a lesser role

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Buccaneers running backs coach Skip Peete worked for the Cowboys for the last three years, so he has spent a lot of time with Ezekiel Elliott and it’s left him with some thoughts about what Elliott has to do to move forward in his NFL career.

Elliott remains unsigned after being released by the Cowboys in March and Peete said on Wednesday that he’s spoken to the veteran free agent recently about where things stand. Peete said he thinks that Elliott’s need to transition from being the lead back to being part of a deeper backfield is playing a role in why he’s still available.

“I think that’s part of the reason he’s sitting out there,” Peete said, via Kristie Ackert of the Tampa Bay Times. “If you’re going to play, I mean, you’re going to be the second and third guy. That’s kind of what the price is. So. that’s something that a person has to be able to see that that is what it is going to be.”

Peete said that Elliott is “still a good, quality running back” who was particularly effective in “short and goal-line places” during the 2022 season. The Bucs and other teams might have a spot for such a player, but it will take Elliott accepting a different role and a different paycheck in order for anything to change about his status.

9 responses to “Bucs RB coach Skip Peete: Ezekiel Elliott has to see that he’ll play a lesser role

  1. All these years later, still amazed that the Cowboys drafted him over Ramsey. Like wow. An RB over an elite CB that could play safety in a pinch.

  2. Has to be a pretty big reality check when you’ve been coddled and told you’re the man for as long as you can remember and then are suddenly told you’re now just one of the guys. Give time enough of itself and everything goes away.

  3. zeke is lucky he got 1 big contract. nflpa royally screwed RBs when they accepted the rookie wage scale

  4. Teams are fairly set, the only way he gets on a team is either a team figures out they have a massive whole because they missed on a draft pick/free agent signing that they need to plug or injuries hit a team. At best maybe a week 2 signing so that his contract is not guaranteed. Jets will probably need a blocking back once Aaron sees that line and Denver could use a named player as a fall guy for Russ.

  5. Zeke still has some good football in him if he can accept a lesser role and a smaller contract. That being said he may just walk away…

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