Chiefs will host Eagles on Monday night in Week 11

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
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The NFL won’t unveil the full schedule for the 2023 season until Thursday night, but details about some of the biggest games on this year’s schedule continue to trickle out ahead of that announcement.

One of the latest is the date of the rematch between the two teams that squared off in Super Bowl LVII. The NFL announced that the Chiefs will host the Eagles on Monday, November 20 in Week 11.

The Chiefs erased a 10-point halftime deficit in the second half of the Super Bowl in February and beat the Eagles 38-35 for their second championship in the last four years.

Several other games involving the two teams have already been announced. The Chiefs will open the season at home against the Lions before facing the Dolphins in Germany in Week Nine, hosting the Raiders on Christmas Day in Week 16 and welcoming the Bengals in Week 17. Reports also indicate that they will visit the Jets for Sunday Night Football in Week Four.

The Eagles will also be in action against a divisional rival on Christmas as they will host the Eagles. The NFL has also announced that they will have a rematch with their NFC Championship Game foes when they host the 49ers in Week 13.

19 responses to “Chiefs will host Eagles on Monday night in Week 11

  1. Why not just get it over with and release the Chiefs’ schedule first…they are halfway there anyway

  2. The biggest game of the year, based on the previous year, should be the opening game. More than likely, one of these teams will be around .500 and the other will likely be really good. So 11 weeks in, it probably won’t be as intriguing as we all hope.

  3. I’m glad it isn’t Week 1. Week 1 games, with the shortened preseason, doesn’t have much impact and doesn’t usually reflect how teams will be doing when it really counts.

    I expect the Chiefs to win in Arrowhead. And until some other team steps forward, the Chiefs are the favorites to repeat.

    I’ll be rooting for Philly.

  4. To me and just my opinion. The first 3 games and last 3 games should be your division opponents. Switching home fields every year.

  5. It would make more sense to have this at the opening week game, with everyone’s roster at full strength, instead of week, 11 when everyone’s on injured reserve

  6. Go Eagles!!!

    Chiefs got lucky our special teams blew it but credit to your O line for stopping our rush. Won’t happen again. Book it!

  7. The Eagles will also be in action against a divisional rival on Christmas as they will host the Eagles.

    They can’t lose.

  8. Eagles are so impressive that besides acting like they won the SB verse actually losing it, now they will attempt to play themselves on Xmas Eve. Don’t know what’s more amazing, the fact that none of the writers proof read their articles or how the eagle fans walk around with their chests out.

  9. With the short pre-season, Week one is not representative of what teams will look like later in the season. A week one win doesn’t mean much.

  10. I’m looking forward to this matchup. I enjoyed the SB and thought it was highly competitive between clearly the best two teams last season. I just wish it was Week 1.

  11. The league will be different by then. One of these teams, probably the Eagles following the course of the Super Bowl loser, will be an afterthought by Week 8

  12. The eagles will also be in action against a divisional rival on Christmas where they will host the eagles…nice

  13. Jalen Carter is facing a $40mil wrongful death in the drag racing death of Carter’s teammate Devin Willock.

    There goes his first 6yrs of pay and there is another family that will file a 2nd lawsuit!

  14. Yeah and they play this game with KC coming off a bye week. Anything to help KC

  15. Best matchup in football! I think both Chiefs fans and Eagles fans would agree on that.

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