Chiefs will host Raiders on Christmas

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Chiefs will be home for Christmas this year.

The NFL announced that the Raiders will be making their annual visit to Arrowhead Stadium on Monday, December 25 this year. The game will kick off at 1 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on both CBS and Nickelodeon.

Christmas will feature three games this season and we learned on Wednesday that the Eagles will be hosting the Giants in the afternoon game. The nightcap, which will be on ESPN, has yet to be revealed.

Wednesday also brought word that the Chiefs will be home on New Year’s Eve to face the Bengals and that they will be in Germany to face the Dolphins in Week Nine. The Chiefs will be the designated home team in Frankfurt and they’ll also be hosting the season opener after winning Super Bowl LVII, so four of the team’s home dates have already been revealed.

26 responses to “Chiefs will host Raiders on Christmas

  1. And the Chiefs host the Lions opening night. The first three Lions games leaked are all in primetime. 🎶 Where have all the haters goooone? 🎶

  2. Chiefs have their division Turkey on Christmas! Merry Christmas!

  3. If McDerp still manages to last this long, will he get the Hackett treatment?

    Raiders Nation can only hope.

  4. Call me old fashioned, but playing day games on 12/25 & night games on Christmas Eve is just wrong. You wanna play an 8pm game on Christmas Day after everyone is spent?, okay fine. But can we have just one day out of the year where we’re all together but NOT glued to the TV & our mobile betting accounts? And if an atheist can feel this strongly about it, I gotta believe my Christian brothers are with me here!

  5. Wonderful Christmas. I get to see my Raiders crushed. Unless that new D-line can sack Holmes 12 times it’s gonna be a long ugly game for L.V. We don’t have a secondary yet…

  6. First Christmas day game in KC since 1971.
    Great memories indeed for us old timers!

  7. Chiefs-Dolphins in Germany. And Tua will be vying to be the first NFL player to get a concussion in two different continents.

  8. Am I the only one who hates the idea of NFL games on Christmas Day? Watching three hours of sport is not what you should be doing. Especially if you’re the only one in your family who wants to.

  9. Way to ruin my Christmas NFL. Having to watch Kelce score 8 touchdowns against our hapless defense will be like the Grinch stealing all of Whoville’s presents.

  10. A stand firmly and irrevocably opposed to such a game unless one team wears red and the other wears green and it is snowing while Bing Crosby’s White Christmas is played on a continuous loop!

  11. I will happily let the kids play with their new stuff, while we stick a lasagna in the oven and watch some NFL fooosssball, give me more football, more, more, more! Why would you want less? On paper this looks to be a boring game, but the Raiders and Chiefs games can be pretty entertaining sometimes, so could very well be a 31-30 type game, although i dont see garropolo being like carr, so…i guess i just talked myself out of the close game…cheifs by 14..

  12. As a Raiders Fan, I really appreciate a public flogging of my team being made even yet more publicly available. Merry Christmas Chiefs Fans!

  13. I must have missed the part where guns are held to people’s heads and are forced to watch. Turn the TV off. It’s not that hard. Life goes on.

  14. Obviously the Chiefs own the Raiders. Any chance we could get a win for once, guys? Come on man!

  15. HO-HO-HO!!! Raiders…come to Arrowhead, we’ll have a shiny new L wrapped and under the tree waiting for ya!

  16. My Brother and his two adult sons are die hard Raiders fans, have been for years. I am a Chiefs fan. Many a Sunday dinner that I have spent with them has been ruined by me having to finish my dinner in my car, as I have been banished from the dinner table. I am going to hate to spend Christmas dinner in my car listening to the radio; turkey gravy is almost impossible to get out of the upholstery.

  17. I’m not going to lie there is always something Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes when you put the Chiefs and Raiders UNIFORMS together on the field.Plus its Christmas its only fitting that RED hits our screens.

  18. I really hate them having these games on Christmas day. Why ruin holidays for people? Do it Christmas Eve at least. So now people have to choose between family and football?? I’m not missing the games to go hang around in 300 sq ft of my moms 800 sq ft house full of people who would much rather be somewhere else talking stupid politics while I daydream about something else (usually fantasy football) and all sitting on top of each other. I’ll stay home and watch the games. But still, all my mom wants is for us all to be there on Christmas, so we usually oblige but the NFL has made that even harder now. I want to appease my mom, but she’s gonna have to deal with my family coming a different day and not be with the rest of them. Great for us, bad for her. NFL should really not have games on Christmas day!!

  19. OK, enough of this defeatist rubbish from so called Raider fans. Where is your faith?
    Christmas Day in KC? Bring it on! In the first 15 plays, Kermit has to go down hard, more than once. The rest of the league will thank us if we shake Mahomes up or knock him out for the season. Cue Maxx, Jones & Wilson – go get #15
    Our O will beat up on a suspect Chiefs D, with Mayer matching Kelce catch for catch but Davante being the difference.
    Just win baby – Raiders 37, Chiefs 31.
    Merry Christmas, Raider Nation!!!

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