Future quarterback contracts could use franchise tag to enhance the out years

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For a while now, we’ve been advocating the use of cap percentages to ensure that quarterbacks don’t have their contracts become obsolete in the later years of the deals. While recently discussing that possibility with someone who has experience negotiating significant quarterback contracts, a different approach was mentioned.

One of the upcoming quarterback contacts, we’re told, could utilize the franchise tag as a way to prevent a deal given to one of the top quarterbacks in the league from lagging behind top quarterback contracts.

Presumably, the exclusive franchise tag would be the measuring stick, given that it reflects the average of the top five current-year cap numbers. The non-exclusive tag lags dramatically behind the market; this year, it’s only $32.4 million.

It’s unclear how the protection would be incorporated. It could be as simple as identifying the quarterback’s compensation as a specific amount or the exclusive tag, whichever is greater.

Players to watch for such a term include Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert, and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Each could, or should, get new deals before the 2023 season commences.

4 responses to “Future quarterback contracts could use franchise tag to enhance the out years

  1. The overpaid get yet another shill article to justify overpaying them more. And the overall quality of rosters declines yet again due to lack of funds to pay the grunt players fairly.

  2. Since the Franchise Tag is based on the average of the top 5 cap numbers, then a salary tied back to a tag number results in a unsolvable algebra equation. How do you determine a franchise tag number if one or more top-5 cap numbers are based on it?

  3. What you and many others keep forgetting is that with a hard salary cap every dollar spent on one player is a dollar less for the other players.

    If a QB makes 25% of the cap you have a team filled with players on the vets minimum, with no depth, and an injury to a non QB may be costly.

    It’s not as if Jalen Hurts Or Lamar Jackson would starve if they made 48 mil instead of 51,52 mil.

    QBs aren’t being cheated, and have the longest careers by far.

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