Jets have six standalone games

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Last year, the Broncos were the flavor of the month. They had seven standalone games. It didn’t go well.

This year, the Jets have become the NFL’s bright, shiny object. They’ll have six standalone games.

The Jets will take center stage Week One vs. the Bills (Monday night), Week Four vs. the Chiefs (Sunday night), Week Nine vs. the Chargers (Monday night), Week 10 at the Raiders (Sunday night), Week 12 vs. the Dolphins (Black Friday), and Week 17 at the Browns (Thursday night).

The Jets also play four games at 4:25 p.m. ET: Week Two at the Cowboys, Week Five at the Broncos, Week Six vs. the Eagles, and Week 11 at the Bills. Those contests routinely draw massive audiences.

The Jets have six 1:00 p.m. ET games on Sunday, including — surprisingly — the Week Eight game “at” the Giants. Their Week 18 game against the Patriots has not been given a time.

Here’s the full slate for Aaron Rodgers‘s new team:

Week One: Bills (Monday night).

Week Two: At Cowboys.

Week Three: Patriots.

Week Four: Chiefs (Sunday night).

Week Five: At Broncos.

Week Six: Eagles.

Week Seven: Bye.

Week Eight: At Giants.

Week Nine: Chargers (Monday night).

Week 10: At Raiders (Sunday night).

Week 11: At Bills.

Week 12: Dolphins.

Week 13: Falcons.

Week 14: Texans.

Week 15: At Dolphins.

Week 16: Commanders.

Week 17: At Browns.

Week 18: Patriots.

44 responses to “Jets have six standalone games

  1. They could easily start 0 and 6 or 1 and 5. Humiliation on a grand scale. Can’t wait for the show to begin.

  2. Rodgers better be great this year. The whole broadcast schedule revolves around him. Hardly a word about the Chiefs of Eagles. If the Jets go 5-12 the NFL is gonna look ridiculous, but they’ve shown they don’t care. The cash keeps rolling in.

  3. I hope the NFL realizes they just jinxed either Mahomes or Rodgers to get injured before week 4 because they’re destined to never meet outside of the golf course and commercial ad tapings.

  4. candlestickkid says:
    May 11, 2023 at 9:23 pm
    Everyone knows this will not end well
    20Rate This

    NHPats is impressed with the Jets approach.

    You can’t make it up. Ya just can’t.

  5. I didn’t go out of my way Rodgers in Green Bay and I sure don’t care what he does with the Jets.

  6. 0-6 to start the season, and then we’ll see how much Aaron likes playing in New York

  7. They beat Miami if Tua is not playing, the Pats are pats and they should split the Bills game so they could have the best inter division record at 4-2, the rest are all against 3rd place teams except for KC. The Dallas game is a tossup as Rodgers hates the Cowboys and who knows which Cowboys team will show up … the Jets shouldn’t have any problems winning 11-12 games. Most people seem ro think it’s Zach Wilson at QB. They almost made it with the worst QB in the league … Rodgers wants to pull a Brady at Tampa.

  8. I expect great things from the Jets this year. Aaron Rodgers is not Russ Wilson!

  9. They will be atleast 3-3 after 6 games, Cowboys, Broncos, Pats are very winnable games.

  10. steelcitywhiner says:
    May 11, 2023 at 9:32 pm
    2008 JEST redux!

    Let’s please retire the “JEST” thing. It was never clever and now it is simply tired and lame. Try to come with something that is actually amusing.

  11. You easties underestimate Rodgers this year. Your Pats are nothing without Brady. Miami has no QB and Buffalo is headed for a down year. Set-up perfect for Jets for the next two years.

  12. goodellthegrifter says:
    May 11, 2023 at 9:45 pm
    candlestickkid says:
    May 11, 2023 at 9:23 pm
    Everyone knows this will not end well
    20Rate This

    NHPats is impressed with the Jets approach.

    You can’t make it up. Ya just can’t.


    They gave the Pats Al they could handle last year with Zach Wilson at the helm……. I’m a realist. Add Aaron Rogers and they beat us twice.

  13. Wow, the NFL has moved on from the Packers, relegating them to irrelevant status while promoting the Jets into the brightest of lights.

  14. If last year is any indication Rodgers is either washed or just mailed it in because he knew he was done with the Packers and didn’t care anymore. Neither one of those scenarios os good and I suspect it was a combination of the two. I really hope this blows up in the leagues face

  15. Poetic justice or irony? The Jets easiest games (other than the Falcons game) may be against the Patriots.

  16. The league is afraid to put on Jets/Pats? Must have something to do with the 14 straight losses, and that streak would be significantly higher if the league didn’t call a penalty of being over the center on a missed field goal. The only time that call has ever been made.

  17. Jets #3 ranked defense moves up two slots. Even if Rodgers is mediocre, Jets win 10 games with Breece Hall and the D.

  18. “14-3 book it!”

    Lolz whenever someone on this site uses the phrase “book it” they are invariably wrong and usually quite disappointed in the actual result.

  19. Here’s Rodgers last chance along with the Jest’s at being relevant – the scheduling dept. certainly didn’t do them any favors.

  20. I think the Jets will be good this year but 6? Geez, gotta love that big market bias.

    Living in small market Baltimore gotta admit I’m a little jealous.

  21. They’ll soon be flexed out when the NFL realizes like the rest of us Rodgers is washed.

  22. Jets have been irrelevant for YEARS and their fans were still the biggest blowhards in sports, let alone showing the world they can spell their teams name. Now, they’re yelling Superbowl from the rooftops. Can hardly wait for the meltdown. Of course if they beat the Pats once it will be like winning the SB for them. Lmao. And apparently the Bills and Dolphins will just be skipped over. Good grief. SMH

  23. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Jets win it all but I am sorry to say that the fans are in store for more disappointment.

  24. I see the haters are out in full force. Which of your teams are so great? None. KC won the Super Bowl with a less than mediocre defense and are most certainly beatable on the road on a Monday night. And are the Bills really that great? Allen is good but he ain’t Peyton Manning. The Jets beat them last season with Zach Wilson. All you haters need to get lost and go get your shine box.

  25. What possibly could go wrong with an aging, prickly QB with diminishing skills playing under the brightest lights in the most unfriendly media and fan base in the country? I wish the Jets all the luck in the world but this season will be like watching chain smokers in a room filled with powder kegs.

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