Kyle Shanahan glad the 49ers won’t open against the Eagles

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
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One of the games that the NFL has leaked ahead of the full 2023 schedule reveal is the rematch of last year’s NFC Championship Game.

The 49ers will travel to Philadelphia in Week 13 in an attempt to get the win that eluded them in January. Many 49ers believe that game would have gone differently if quarterback Brock Purdy had not injured his elbow early in the contest and Shanahan said on Wednesday night that he’s happy with where the rematch has been scheduled while alluding to the uncertainty about when Purdy will be cleared to play this season.

“I am glad we’re not playing Philly Week One,” Shanahan said, via Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News. “I want to play them at a better time. I want to make sure our whole team is right there. . . . We felt we didn’t get to do it last time, and I’m ready to go back again.”

Purdy has yet to resume throwing, so any timeline for his return remains tentative at best but it’s a lot likelier he’ll be back under center on December 3 than September 10.

27 responses to “Kyle Shanahan glad the 49ers won’t open against the Eagles

  1. Who’s he kidding? Week 1 is the only week everyone will be healthy. His team has had so many injuries during the past seasons, that he probably will have at least 4 starters out for that game!!

  2. With Shanahan’s history of getting his QB’s injured he may not have a viable option by week 13 other than CMc again. At least this time they can adjust the playbook and game plan for lots of wildcat and RB rpo’s.

  3. “I’m ready to go back again…” just not in week 1. So…you’re not ready, Kyle.

    Ever hear of the “next man up” principal? Ever hear the phrase “it’s a coach’s league?” You should always be ready. That’s your job.

  4. As im sure many fellow fans of our beloved eagles thought…. Stop your whining and just bring it!!!! God willing theyll see yall in wk 13

  5. Well first Kyle you have no one to blame but yourself. You tried to block the Eagles best pass rusher with a backup TE–TWICE!! And twice they got hammered and injured. The 49ers O line was nowhere ready for the Eagles pass rush.

    The 2nd thing I’ll point out is that you knew you lost 2 QBs during the season to injuries. Why not have a 3rd QB on the game day roster in your most important game of the year?

    Third, you didn’t play with 10 men on defense. The Eagles ran the ball at will. Gainwell, Scott Sanders and Hurts ran all over your defense.

    Lastly I’ll point out that RGIII, Jimmy G.
    Purdy, Johnson were all QBs who were injured playing while you were either OC or head coach.

    So stop crying about what happened in January–this is May!! Man up and admit it was your scheme and gameday roster mismanagement that cost you. Who knows–maybe of you’d made the SB your team would have coughed up another 25 point lead in less than 2 qtrs!!!

  6. I got mind control over Deebo. When he say shut up – I be quiet. But when he leave, I be talking again.

  7. I’m glad that they are not playing early in the season. The first few weeks are often disappointing. The best teams start shining around week 6 or 7.

  8. Looks like the Niners fans have a whole lot more confidence in their team than the head coach does. Scared of a week 1 game?? LOL. Loser.

  9. Not to mention the refs holding the Eagles’ hands all the way down the field for three gift touchdowns.

  10. Eagles fans talk about their team living rent free in the 49ers heads. Based on the comments and how sensitive they are to everything 49ers, it is clearly the other way around.

  11. When they come here I’ll ensure the fans have the very worst experience with the home fans no matter the cost.

    Not a lower class fanbase in the NFL. Worst place to visit and you will reach this conclusion well before the game starts. Anyone who says otherwise didn’t actually tailgate, they rolled high class. The rest can’t be written here.

  12. “I’m ready to go back again.” …in week 13. 49ers are good, but they can’t stay healthy under Kyle Shanahan’s regime. The team plays their hearts out and get worn down. Gotta find balance.

  13. They act as if the eagles didn’t knock those guys out of the game. You had them. Eagles just made them exit early because they couldn’t block that pass rush.

  14. “I am glad we’re not playing Philly Week One,” Shanahan said, via Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News. “I want to play them at a better time. I want to make sure our whole team is right there.

    My QB’s suck week 1 so we would rather wait.

  15. Just another game for Philly. Way more significant to the identity of the team for 49ers

  16. I don’t blame him. Kyle is still having nightmares over that last game against the Eagles.

  17. Nicely done! Set up the entire season to have an injury excuse. Early, team’s not ready. Later, looks like the injury bug is still the deciding factor in games.

    Brilliant… Vince Lombardi is probably looking down and just shaking his head.

  18. I’m a Niner fan, but I have a lot of friends in Philly and we ALWAYS have a great time in Philly….and going to Eagles games. Most of the fans are good people. They are passionate about their team. Sure, there are a few mouth-breathers that should never be allowed into the stadium, but please don’t disparage all of Philly.
    I still see people using the snowballs thrown at Santa as an example of bad Philly fans. that happened over 50 years ago.

  19. Shanny couldnt suit up a third QB for the championship game. It was either Jimmy G or Johnson and he made his choice. Thats why Jimmy was shown on the sideline with smiles on his face, he knew he wasnt going to play …

  20. Mike Shanahan’s legacy.. father of a spoiled child that was responsible for choking away 3 double digit 2nd half leads in the SB & NFC championship game, & still making excuses for a 24 point loss.

  21. People that say Shanahan is over-rated are just upset that the Niners have been doing better than their teams. IN the last 4 years, the Niners went to 3 NFC Championshoip games and one Super Bowl. That better than all but a few teams in the NFL over that same time period, including the Bills and Bengals.

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