On Amazon, Steelers, Bears, Saints get two Sunday-Thursday turnarounds each

“Thursday Night Football” Season Kickoff Party Hosted by Amazon Prime and Prime Video
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The Commissioner wanted late-season Thursday night flexing. He instead got the ability to schedule teams twice for Sunday to Thursday turnarounds.

In the first season of this new power, the league used it only three times — against the Steelers, the Bears, and the Saints.

Each will play twice on Thursday after playing on Sunday. The Jets also land on Amazon twice, but one of their games is on a Friday not a Thursday.

The Steelers are the only team to play a pair of Thursday night home games in 2023.

Factoring in Thanksgiving, the Lions, Packers, Commanders, and 49ers also have two short-week, Sunday-to-Thursday games.

Four teams avoided a short-week assignment entirely — the Colts, Texans, Falcons, and Cardinals.

Here’s the full schedule for Amazon’s season season of streaming:

Week Two: Vikings at Eagles.

Week Three: Giants at 49ers.

Week Four: Lions at Packers.

Week Five: Bears at Commanders.

Week Six: Broncos at Chiefs.

Week Seven: Jaguars at Saints.

Week Eight: Buccaneers and Bills.

Week Nine: Titans at Steelers.

Week 10: Panthers at Bears.

Week 11: Bengals at Ravens.

Week 12: Dolphins at Jets (Friday).

Week 13: Seahawks at Cowboys.

Week 14: Patriots at Steelers.

Week 15: Chargers at Raiders.

Week 16: Saints at Rams.

Week 17: Jets at Browns.

It’s good but not great. For as much as the NFL seemed to be intent on stacking the Amazon slate — in order to boost the streaming audience — the NFL didn’t go as hog wild as it could have, exempting the Chiefs, Cowboys, Bengals, Bills, Packers, and Patriots from a second short-week game.

Technically, Amazon could have gotten another Jets game, since one of the two does not entail a Sunday-Thursday turnaround.

17 responses to “On Amazon, Steelers, Bears, Saints get two Sunday-Thursday turnarounds each

  1. Two Sun-Thurs turnarounds? Tell me more about your concern for player safety King Roger.

  2. Did the Bears pay off the NFL schedule makers or what?
    My gosh, was Patrick Mahomes traded to them and I missed
    it? Otherwise no way they should even have 2 prime time games.

  3. Put the Bears on my TV and make sure it’s on the TV for all the haters too.

  4. I think this reflects other owners behind the scenes pressuring Roger to not cave too quickly to Bezos’ whining and threats about how the NFL will be dead if they don’t put all their eggs into Amazon’s streaming basket. None of the owners want any one of them to have too much individual sway and I’m sure the Sleestak has been trying to position himself before he bids on the Seahawks. I have to think many other owners are thinking Bezos can get in line, not jump the line. Was happy to see every Thursday isn’t a top tier game. Streaming will have its day but it’s still a National TV audience game for now.

  5. Are the game going to be shown locally on real TV? If not I’m going to miss two Steelers games because I’m not paying Amazon. ;(

  6. And it will be more sub-par football due to the turnaround and we’ll all be complaining about Al Michaels being unenthusiastic. Joy

  7. Sorry NFL, FYI, I don’t watch games on streaming services (yes I have Amazon), the primary reason is I can’t surf during commercials. There are so many ads, not being to surf is excruciating and frustrating. And with the amount of ads, the game has no continuity.

  8. tb12bestqbevah says: “Two Sun-Thurs turnarounds? Tell me more about your concern for player safety King Roger.”

    Statistically, there has been LESS injuries on Thursday games over the last 15 years.

    Hate TNF or Goodell as much as you want, but the safety facts are on his side here…

  9. There are always complaints about the short week. But you don’t hear much about the extra long break teams get after a Thursday game.

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