Reports: Giants, Cowboys to open season on Sunday Night Football

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
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It looks like MetLife Stadium will be hosting a pair of high-profile games to kick off the 2023 season.

The NFL has announced that quarterback Aaron Rodgers will likely make his first Jets start when his new team hosts the Bills on Monday Night Football in Week One. According to multiple reports, that game will come one night after the Giants host the Cowboys on the same field.

Both NFC East teams made the playoffs last season and both won their Wild Card round games on the road before being knocked out in the divisional round. The Cowboys won both of their meetings during the regular season, including a 23-16 win in New Jersey in Week Three.

According to other reports, the Cowboys will turn from the Giants to their co-tenants at MetLife. The Jets are reportedly visiting the Cowboys on Sunday in Week Two.

13 responses to “Reports: Giants, Cowboys to open season on Sunday Night Football

  1. Ten years ago, I would have vomited over the fact that this was going on. Profit over Product being the most expensive division in football.

    Now, it seems like this will be a blast. The NFC East has gotten so much better to watch.

  2. This is the most common NFL opening day matchup, I believe this makes 19.

  3. I don’t get it. The defending conference champions being shut out of prime time in the opening weekend in favor of the Lions, Cowboys, Giants, Bills and Jets? 2 teams that didn’t even make the playoffs last year.

  4. What is the prize! The annual snooze fest featuring two teams that will crash. Their fans hopes on their way to not even making the NFC title game. Anything else on TV that night?

  5. No prime-time Eagles games in week 1 is a bummer for Eagles fans, but maybe they should be glad. Week 1 is where every team is rusty and getting their act together. Better for any team to not have the extra pressure of the spotlight right out of the gate.

    But otherwise, yeah, opening with a team like the Lions instead of the Eagles is bizarre.

  6. Yet another prime time snack down and embarrassing loss for Jerry Jones! The schedule just keeps getting better!

  7. How About dem Cowboys! Super Bowl bound! Dak Prescott will prove to Jerah that he is warranted of a contract extension after 2024.

  8. Of course I’d rather see the Eagles than either of those teams playing. Duh!

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