Steelers have three home prime-time games

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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In the past, Steelers president Art Rooney II has expressed a preference to minimize night games at home. This year, he didn’t get his wish.

The Steelers have three prime-time games at home in 2023.

One lands on a Monday, and the other two are Thursday-night games. Both of the Thursday homes games are preceded by Sunday home games, putting season-ticket holders in the less-than-ideal position of having to attend games with only three days in between contests. Twice.

In all, the Steelers have five standalone games — four in prime-time and one on a Saturday afternoon. Not bad for a team that missed the playoffs in 2022.

But they’re the Steelers. They’re always be a draw, because they will always be competitive. Which means that they will always be relevant.

9 responses to “Steelers have three home prime-time games

  1. Mr. Rooney II and most nfl fans agree that they don’t want to see this on national tv.

  2. If they show the Steelers against the their divisional opponents then you have some great games. Browns and Patriots okay but I have interest in watching them in prime time against the Raiders and Titans.

  3. Why not? Everyone loves the Steelers, even the Browns fans who won’t admit it publicly. The Steelers have a 14-3 schedule this year and a future Hall of Famer at QB. What’s not to like?

  4. 7 or 8 wins tops.
    Last in their division.
    Nobody wants to watch that overrated team in prime time.

  5. It’s actually a pretty good schedule for the Steelers. 6 of the first 9 are at home with the road games at Vegas, the Texans and the Rams. The Steelers could get off to a very good start and be relevant throughout the entire year. Tomlin’s teams always play better at the end of the year. With the soft schedule at the start, this could be a very good year for the Steelers.

  6. LOL why? Kenny Pickett is awful.

    Somebody doesn’t watch much football and knows even less about the game shouldn’t be voicing such an out of touch comment.

  7. Kenny Picket was a rookie morons. Rookie and he had a winning record. Stuff it.

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