Week One game becomes critical for Jets

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The full slate of 17 opponents for every NFL team became known the moment the 2022 regular season ended. As specific games from specific weeks are announced, the schedules take on more and more meaning.

The Jets will face plenty of great teams in 2022, making the road in the first season with Aaron Rodgers not an easy one. Ideally, it would be useful to get a few manageable games on the docket early, in order to rack up a few Ws and lay the foundation for a playoff run.

While the schedule beyond Week One isn’t known, we know this: the Jets open with a visit from the defending AFC East champs, the Bills.

It’s a huge game for the Jets, for obvious reasons. And for non-obvious reasons.

Given the overall difficulty of the schedules of the teams of the AFC East, with each one playing six division games and all four of them playing the full slate of AFC West and NFC East teams, it’s entirely possible that only the AFC East division champion will earn a playoff spot. So if the Jets lose to the Bills to cap Week One, the Jets would face losing the head-to-head tiebreaker if the Bills complete the sweep during the rematch in Buffalo.

With an 0-2 record against the Bills, the Jets would have to make up three games in the remaining 15 contests to capture the AFC East crown from Buffalo.

So, yes, it’s a big game for the Jets. The first of many. And then the Jets will have one fewer day to get ready for Week Two, against a team that will have had at least a full week to prepare.

15 responses to “Week One game becomes critical for Jets

  1. Divisional game shouldn’t start until week 4 or 5. These games mean more and the first month is just an extended preseason.

  2. Win or lose game 1 there isn’t going to be a playoff run with Rodgers at the helm. While he is (still) better than any Jet QB on the roster last year he just doesn’t have it anymore. If GB thought he was still a viable SB QB do you think they would have traded him?

    If you do please get help.

    This is another pathetic botched attempt (which he has tried with a former GB QB before) by Woody to buy a SB. Please Woody go away and let someone int he family who has more smarts than you do (and I suspect that might be most of them) run the team

  3. So cute to see the Jets fans sooo optimistic..
    The off season has stars in their eyes and dreams of success bouncing in their heads..
    That O line though…… that’s reality…and stuff of nightmares

  4. AFC drama is gonna be even thicker this year. just like last its going to come down to coaching in big spots in big games, QBs (even elite ones, looking at you Allen) not making late game mistakes, injuries injuries injuries as well…if you can end the season in relative health with a beneficial playoff berth or path, you can overcome alot, like the chiefs have been able to do, they do all of the above and mitigate the unknown factors better than anyone else, like NE used to. Sad but true, they are never gonna go away, excpet patty gets hurt alot more than brady relative to his playing style, so thats something to watch.

  5. Playoffs? Don’t talk about… playoffs? With or without Arron Rodgers, the Jets are not a playoff-caliber team. They made the most over that win against the Bills last year, but they finished last in the division for a reason.

  6. but if they win 2 they are in good shape. Your against AR and whatever team he’s on. We get it. Any team going 0-2 against a favorite is in a tight spot.

  7. So Aaron is going to need to get up to speed pretty dam quick with his new receivers, but from last years evidence, he won’t and The Bills by 7

  8. Anyone out there catch the Bills vs Packers game last season? Can you please remind the good people at home how many interceptions A-aron threw?

    He looked horrible. He didn’t look much better in that home loss to the Lions with playoff aspersions still on the line.

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