Agent David Canter is under investigation by NFLPA for offering inducements to draft his clients

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When I think I’ve heard everything, I hear something else.

Brooke Pryor of reports that agent David Canter is under investigation by the NFL Players Association for allegedly contacting several teams throughout draft weekend and offering the use of vacation properties owned by Canter and his wife, if a team drafted one of Canter’s clients.

“We are aware that the NFLPA is looking into communications between my client and various management personnel of certain NFL teams,” Canter’s lawyer, Adam Kenner, told ESPN. “Mr. Canter did not engage in any wrongdoing and he is fully cooperating with the NFLPA. We expect the situation to be resolved shortly.”

PFT has confirmed the existence of the allegations. One General Manager, who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the situation, has informed PFT that he received such an offer. The G.M. in question is aware of at least two others who received a similar offer.

Again, Canter denies any wrongdoing.

Canter is entitled to any and all protections and defenses and appeals under NFLPA regulations. Still, if it can be proven that he offered inducements to specific individuals in exchange for the drafting of his clients, that’s a problem that could have far reaching implications for Canter, possibly beyond the boundaries of the union’s regulations applicable to agents.

31 responses to “Agent David Canter is under investigation by NFLPA for offering inducements to draft his clients

  1. NFL General Managers are millionaires, who want to make more millions by fielding a winning team. If a player can play they would take a kick in the nuts for the rights to that player.

  2. Uh, why is there something wrong with an agent trying to get his client drafted? Sometimes the argument is made that being a UDFA is advantageous as the player can sign with a team where he’s a better fit but teams are also more likely to keep their draftees than rookie free agents. I can see why teams wouldn’t like the idea their GM drafted a guy because he got something from the agent rather than picking the highest ranked guy on their draftboard, but that’s not the agent’s fault.

  3. Canter rewards program . Stay anywhere you like for as low as a seventh round pick .

  4. This explains why 6th round players get picked in the 3rd round.
    GM’s want free perks just like everyone else. I don’t think it should be a problem or violation to offer inducements.
    Besides, Canter can just make the same offer to the NFLPA to make the problem go away.

  5. The level of stupidity to try and pull something like this is simply off the charts.

  6. As if an NFL GM would risk his 7 figure salary for a free weekend at some cheesy condo in Boca Del Vista. Is this guy a complete and total moron?

  7. We don’t need much reason to dislike agents, so congrats Canter, you made it easy.

  8. As long as the CBA does not call for every drafted player to earn the same $ on their first contract this has gone on

  9. What reason would multiple GMS have to make this up against an agent nobody’s ever heard of? Sounds like this guy is about to lose his right to represent NFL players

  10. Canter might wanna sell those vacations properties? Might also be a good time to audit the top agents/agencies. There’s too much money at stake to think there isn’t corruption.

  11. Greed drives a lot of these situations. If he’s offering up vacation properties to NFL team management he must be pretty well off. Hats off to him. If I was an agent trying to get my UDFA signed I’d be able to offer up a futon, 3 square meals, and access to Netflix and Disney. Only stipulation is you’d have to play pretend with my daughter for 45 mins. We square?

  12. How is that enticing to billionaire owners? Or millionaire GM’s and coaches?

  13. Hey, if you can do it for a Supreme Court justice without repercussions, why not an athlete?

  14. On one hand, I’m reluctant to paint anyone facing such allegations with a bad brush (especially before all the facts are in), but on the other hand, I’m not surprised. Wonder if simply offering someone right of first refusal to rent it from him (as opposed to letting someone use it for free) constitutes a violation?

  15. This has to be up there with the dumbest things I’ll read all day, if not all month. If true, this guy thinks a team will make a franchise altering decision, and get rewarded with vacation? Is he not aware he’s trying to bribe people who already have vacation spots that make his looks like slums? This is like one of us normal people telling an nfl player to choose our team in free agency, and if they do we’ll put them up at motel 6.

  16. I guess he thought, if Supreme Court Justices can be bribed, why not GMs of the NFL.

  17. The draft is not a game show with lovely parting gifts. Thanks for playing our game!

  18. It would really add some context to the story (and value to the reader) if you would list who Canter’s clients are and who – if anybody – drafted them. If he rep’d some guys from Div III schools who will be lucky to make a practice squad in Arena Football, the story won’t have the significance it would if he was shilling for a guy who was expected to be a College Free Agent who got picked early in Round 2.

  19. Here are some of this clients (per his website) and where they were drafted.

    Nathaniel Tank Dell – 3rd, 69 overall – Texans
    Clark Phillips III – 4th, 113 overall – Falcons
    Desjuan Johnson – 7th, 249 overall – Rams
    Jayden Reed – 2nd, 50 overall – Packers

    He has other clients undrafted listed as free agents.

  20. As if someone involved in the decision process of a teams draft would want that. Bet they have vacation properties already. If he s found guilty use Mr. Scott’s punishment. Make him stand on a desk with a sign around his neck reading “ idiot” for the 1st round of next year’s draft

  21. He can just use the Costanza defense. “Was that wrong? Should I not have done that? Because I’ve worked in a lot of offices and I gotta tell ya, people do that sort of thing all the time…”

    Probably won’t work but it’s worth a shot.

  22. Mr. Irrelevant was Canter client, Desjuan Johnson. Drafted by the Rams. Maybe it wasn’t that irrelevant if the Rams got a house in Cabo for a week.

  23. Crazy scheme but in the last couple rounds, who knows. By the end there you have tons of guys who are essentially identical with a few getting drafted and the others not. If one of them brought along a ritzy vacation I can imagine that being a deciding factor for some greedy GM.

  24. seanx50 says:
    May 13, 2023 at 3:46 am
    How is that enticing to billionaire owners? Or millionaire GM’s and coaches.
    Because it’s free. Having money doesn’t mean your willing to spend money and more often than not those people with money are usually cheap/frugal with it.

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