Bills slated for seven standalone games this season

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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The Bills will be in prime-time in Week One this season and six of the reigning AFC East champions’ other 16 games will also be standalone contests.

After opening against the Jets on Monday night, the Bills will have five other prime-time matchups. They’ll also play the Jaguars at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London in Week Five.

Buffalo’s other Monday night appearance will come in Week 10 when they host the Broncos and they’ll host the Buccaneers on Thursday night in Week Eight. They’ll face the Giants on Sunday night in Week Six and they’ll be back on NBC for another Sunday nighter against the Bengals in Week Nine.

The final scheduled prime-time appearance of the regular season will come on Saturday night in Week 16. They’ll be at the Chargers for a game that will stream on Peacock on Christmas Eve.

A Week 14 trip to Arrowhead Stadium won’t be in prime-time, but it’s likely to be nationally televised in the late window on Sunday afternoon. The same could be true of a home game against the Cowboys the next week and dates with the Jets and Eagles in Weeks 11 and 12, so there should be no lack of opportunities to catch the Bills this season.

Their full schedule appears below:

Week One: at Jets (MNF)

Week Two: Raiders

Week Three: at Commanders

Week Four: Dolphins

Week Five: Jaguars (in London)

Week Six: Giants (SNF)

Week Seven: at Patriots

Week Eight: Buccaneers (TNF)

Week Nine: at Bengals (SNF)

Week 10: Broncos (MNF)

Week 11: Jets

Week 12: at Eagles

Week 13: Bye

Week 14: at Chiefs

Week 15: Cowboys

Week 16: at Chargers (Saturday night)

Week 17: Patriots

Week 18: at Dolphins (Jan. 6/7)

7 responses to “Bills slated for seven standalone games this season

  1. Should be an interesting year for the AFC EAST. I wonder if we will approach the division’s best season when in 1985-6, you had after 14 games the following records atop the division:

    Miami 10 4
    New England 10 4
    NY Jets 10 4

  2. Will they be able to get over the hump? I doubt it… There are just certain teams, that through poor ownership, bad luck, and choking will never win the big one. Bills are historical chokers. Jets, Cincy, Browns, Redskins, Dallas, etc have poor ownership teams. They have flashes of success, but will always fall short. Chargers Chiefs had the Schottenheimer Effect. They would always choke at the worst possible time. Remember the playoff game against New England where Brady threw an interception and then Troy Brown stripped McCree? These things are all predictable inevitabilities. Fans of these teams won’t agree despite the overwhelming evidence…

  3. Bills homer here & Buffalo is in trouble this season. That is a difficult schedule & Buffalo is just too outmanned. Not a great draft either (re: Pittsburgh & Baltimore got it right👍)

  4. FoX says:
    May 12, 2023 at 10:27 am
    Bills homer here & Buffalo is in trouble this season. That is a difficult schedule & Buffalo is just too outmanned. Not a great draft either (re: Pittsburgh & Baltimore got it right👍)

    10Rate This


    They’re drafting has been terrible. Their 1 year rentals ends this season, too.

    Classic paper tiger.

  5. idk why people say this schedule is that difficult, this team has played a lot of primetime games last few years and they have the 2nd most wins in the league over last 4 yrs, they can handle a crazy schedule…. I predicted them a wild card team before the season, but realistically, looking at who they have to play i think they could realistically be 8-1 heading into the bengals game…down year might mean not winning the division but they still look very capable of winning 11 games if not 12 and still not winning the division

  6. Why can’t KC play in Buffalo for a change.. this is how many years in a row the Bills have to go there?

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