Dan Campbell excited to see how Lions stack up with Chiefs in Week 1

Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears
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Expectations are higher for the Lions than they’ve been in a long time and they won’t have to wait long for a chance to make a statement about what kind of team they’ll be in 2023.

The Lions will be in Kansas City on Thursday, September 7 to face the Chiefs in the first game of the NFL season. During an appearance on NFL Network on Friday, Lions head coach Dan Campbell shared how he felt when he learned the Lions would be part of that marquee matchup.

Campbell said he told the team’s assistant coaches before the announcement that it would be “unbelievable” to draw the Chiefs in the opener and explained why he feels that way.

“Just because you get good work in, you play that game, you get 10 days to recover, game plan, get ready for the next opponent, and I’ll be danged if we didn’t draw it,” Campbell said. “And not only that, but we get Kansas City, the heavyweight champ. So we’re excited. I can’t tell you. The staff’s excited. I know our players are excited. I think everybody wants an opportunity to play the champ and see where you stack up. I know what Andy Reid’s about. We know what that team’s about. Highly competitive, they’re a champ. Year in and year out, they’re gonna be in the running. We’re looking forward to it. It’s gonna be great.”

A loss would get the Lions off on the wrong foot, but it would give the Lions a sense of where they stand to kick off a season they hope will end with a playoff berth.

11 responses to “Dan Campbell excited to see how Lions stack up with Chiefs in Week 1

  1. Worst case is Kansas City embarrasses them and blows them out. If that happens, Campbell won’t need to say a thing in that locker room, and the whole season is still in front of them.

  2. The same old paper lions. That this team is picked in the opener is a joke. They are the flavor of the month and haven’t won anything since 1957.

  3. I’m an Eagles fan, but I really like the Lions this year. They impressed me in the season opener last year. This year will be a little tougher playing in Kansas City. I don’t know if they’ll win, but we’ll find out a lot about them. The NFC North is ripe for the taking this year and I think they have a great chance.

  4. I was optimistic about this season until Jameson Williams got suspended for the first six games and we had an absolutely atrocious draft

  5. Experience and a well established team is key in early season games. Teams are figuring out new personnel and just knocking off the rust. Lions are probably too “new” to succeed early, but I could see them winning the north even if they stumble out of the gate.

  6. And if the Lions win outright how soon do the natsayers start jumping on the bandwagon…,

  7. KC has a lot of new weapons, so it may take them a while to get in a groove. Perfect for an up coming Lions team!

  8. Bookmark this and come back to it after the Lions beat the Chiefs and the entire NFL takes notice!

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