Deshaun Watson taking some teammates to Puerto Rico for training next week

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Browns begin Phase II of their offseason program next week, but Deshaun Watson and some of his offensive teammates will not participate.

The quarterback is taking about 16 of his offensive teammates to Puerto Rico for training and bonding time, Mary Kay Cabot of reports.

It is a sequel to last year’s trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas that Watson paid for after signing his fully guaranteed five-year, $230 million deal.

The trip has the blessing of head coach Kevin Stefanski, per Cabot.

Watson, who is entering his first full season season on the field for the Browns, has some new pass catchers in receivers Elijah Moore and Marquise Goodwin. Tight end Jordan Akins, who joined the Browns this offseason, previously played with Watson in Houston.

Third-round receiver Cedric Tillman, and the other offensive rookies, will remain in Cleveland to work with the team’s coaches.

Rookies such as third-round receiver Cedric Tillman out of Tennessee will remain in Cleveland to get acclimated to their new team and offensive scheme.

Watson has hosted some of his teammates in Houston this offseason for throwing sessions. He currently is participating in the team’s offseason program.

16 responses to “Deshaun Watson taking some teammates to Puerto Rico for training next week

  1. I wonder why. The main industry in Puerto Rico is pharmaceuticals even after the tax incentives expired. There are a lot better places one could go to play catch or hang out on the beach. So, one has to wonder.

  2. I hear there is some good “massage therapy” available down there.

  3. Couldn’t have done this before Phase II of the offseason program kicked off? That’s a quite a leader they invested in.

  4. Good news! Puerto Rico’s official currency is the U.S. Dollar, so Watson doesn’t have to arrange a currency exchange before paying his “massage therapists.”

  5. Nice thought but not being invited on the cool guys trip could cause hard feelings.

  6. I’m not sure that the football hot bed of Puerto Rico is the right spot for any quarterback to take teammates for workouts. His agent or some other responsible adult should have kiboshed this straight away.

  7. I’ve never been to PR, but friends who have been say it is a fabulous vacation destination: gorgeous beaches, wonderful food, locals who appreciate tourists (and their money) and perfect weather outside of hurricane season. Why not go to PR?
    I wonder who was not invited, besides rookies, and/or who declined the invitation? He’s taking 16 players

  8. PR? Not sure that’s a smart thing to do. But it is Watson as dumb as they come. Then again he and his teammates could get serious massages without getting into trouble.

  9. Easier to pay off the local Police when massage therapists file assault charges….

  10. When your Manager tell you to “Lay low and let P.R. do all the work for you” , That P.R. did NOT stand for Puerto Rico. I could see how you could get confused by that.

  11. Trying to build team chemistry is not respectable QB behavior. He should be alienating himself from his teammates while his receivers work out on their own and instead shoot commercials like the guy people felt sorry for that he replaced.

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