Jets, Aaron Rodgers still working on a new contract

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Under his prior contract with the Packers, quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers had a salary of $1.165 million and a fully-guaranteed option bonus of $58.3 million. Prior to the trade, Rodgers pushed the entirety of the option bonus to 2024.

The details were news to the Jets.

“We knew at the end of the trade that Aaron and Green Bay needed to work some things out,” Jets G.M. Joe Douglas told #PFTPM on Thursday. “We didn’t know the exact ramifications. It was just important to us that the cap number wasn’t going to go higher than it was at the time that we agreed to it. We didn’t know that it was actually going to go down to the minimum, so when they re-did the deal, you know, we saw the new number, knew that we saw that it was low for this year. We’re still working on restructuring aspects of the deal as we speak, but we feel like we’re in a really good place.”

Douglas confirmed that, for now, Rodgers is on the books for the minimum salary for 2023.

Next year, Rodgers has total compensation of $107.55 million.

The resolution of the $58.3 million option bonus could result in Rodgers committing to two years in order to earn the full amount of what he was due to make this year and what he’s due to make next year. It also could, in theory, result in Rodgers taking less money over the next two years.

If the trade had happened without a restructuring, Rodgers would have counted for less than $16 million against New York’s cap in 2023.

As Douglas said, they’re still working on the resolution of the contract. Ultimately, those numbers will say plenty about whether Rodgers intends to stick around for 2024, in order to get the rest of the $107.55 million.

29 responses to “Jets, Aaron Rodgers still working on a new contract

  1. LOL You guys wanted him. He wasn’t on anyone’s fantasy football team last year. This is going to be fun to watch.

  2. If Douglas’s statement is true, factual, & accurate….. the level of incompetence and the dereliction of duty is….. staggering.

    I’ve done more due diligence when buying a lawnmower.

    I mean, seriously, WTH ?

    On a $1 million dollar deal, it would be grossly inept to not know TO THE PENNY every financial aspect of a player’s contract.

    But on a $58M or $60M or possibly $120M+ deal ?

    Beyond amateurish

  3. These numbers are mind blowing for one player. I know, get what you can. Here’s hoping the Jets get some kind of payback. Like wins.

  4. Contractual modification No. 131:
    “No more green or yellow M&M’s in the vending machines.”

  5. He didn’t know? That’s odd, because it was certainly in the sports news. As for Rodgers, he’s not going to take a penny less than the Packers promised and he’ll want to squeeze a bit more guaranteed out of NY if he’s going to play 2 years. They’ll get it done in time to start the new season.
    Aaron we’ll get his, wins & losses be darned.

  6. Wait a minute…am I gathering that Jets management pulled the trigger on a trade without knowing the details of the contract they were trading for?
    Was there kind of a bait and switch on the Packers end? Or was it just straight up incompetence on the Jets part? (Which you can never really rule out).

  7. And people like to comment Gutekunst is a bad GM…. Douglas appears clueless.

  8. It’s expensive to try to purchase a Super Bowl huh??? I can think of another NY sports team that would try to purchase a title each season. This Rogers story is not going to end well for the NY Jets football team.

  9. That contract is going to sink the Jets cap for years to come. Terrible ownership and terrible management. Good luck Jets fans, you really deserve better than these clowns

  10. No player is worth all of hat money. Sickening, when does it end?

  11. Asking for the contract terms and conditions would seem like the first discussion point in the overall negotiation. Did Green Bay just tell the Jets “Just trust us, your going to love it”.

  12. He knew. Rodgers and the Jets were in communication, probably before the 2022 season ended.

  13. What prevents Rodgers from just saying no and going back to the reach arounds he’s been giving.

  14. I find it hard to believe that someone in the Jets management did not know what Rodgers current contact and salary was. The contract restructuring story was in the news and public media. Plus the main reason Green Bay wanted to get rid of Rodgers was his expensive contract. If Douglass is telling the truth the entire Jets organization looks foolish.

  15. I was told over several weeks that Joe Douglas was a negotiating GM genius, wait and see just how badly he works over the Packers in this deal for Rodgers.
    Well, I’m still waiting…..

  16. Lol…it’s hard to imagine that the Douglas is this clueless but here we are. Everyone around the NFL even in casual conversation has talked about the contract issues with the Rodgers trade & it’s potential franchise crippling aspects for whichever team landed him.

  17. Gute mentored Joe to make sure that both the player and the team will be contractually incentivized for Aaron to play 65% of the offensive snaps this year. We like to call that “service after the sale.”

  18. Lie lol they knew. Teams have multiple cap gurus, lawyer’s, accountants and so on.

  19. Interesting.

    I’m told the Jets had a stranglehold regarding leverage…….

  20. No-one has a crystal ball. But if Rodgers has a disappointing season, that $107mil+ financial obligation pushed into next season will be a tough pill to swallow.

  21. Let’s see how.the Jets are 10 games into the season when Arron starts his usual crap.

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